Enjoy Coffee The Way It Was Meant To Be Brewed with the Lavazza Jolie and Milk

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We all know that cafe and takeaway coffee just hit differently and now with the Lavazza Jolie & Milk Coffee Machine you can bring that delicious coffee you love out of the house into your very own kitchen.

The Lavazza Jolie & Milk Coffee Machine is perfect for home use; enjoy hot or cold beverages in just one simple gesture: press the button! Even better, its removable water tank makes it easy to clean and features a scale measuring system for accurate water measurement every time. Lavazza’s fully automatic coffee machine is equipped with an innovative thermal capsule valve, patented Lavazza coffee capsule system and Lavazza milk capsules.

Lavazza Jolie and Milk

Coffee lovers will be pleased to see their favorite Lavazza blends in capsule format for quick and easy use: pick from Arabica or Robusta coffees, ground or whole bean. Lavazza offers a wide range of products to suit your mood: cappuccinos, lattes, macchiatos, espresso, americano, ristretto and lungo*, and even a hot chocolate if you are feeling different. There are so many possibilities for everyone!

The Lavazza Jolie & Milk coffee machine great for those looking for an affordable and quality coffee machine;

Key Features

Makes perfect coffee while also helping heat and froth your milk to perfection for that cafe-style at-home cup of coffee.

Very easy to use for both novice and experienced coffee brewers, with a wide variety of options for any kind of coffee lover. Everyone in the family can enjoy it.

Easy on the budget, meaning that everyone can have access to amazing coffee without spending hundreds of dollars on an extravagant coffee maker that you don’t know entirely how to use.

Picking the right coffee machine is a choice all coffee lovers are face with, and when you bring the right machine home it’ll make every day happier.


  • While Lavazza coffee is an amazing choice when it comes to coffee brands, the downside to the Jolie & Milk is that it will only take the Lavazza coffee pods as they are a specific style, instead of taking multiple brands.
  • If you are making coffee for everyone each morning, you will need to remember to empty out the used capsule drawer often as it only has the capacity to fit 5 coffee capsules at a time.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Coffee machines are coming increasingly more important in many people’s homes as cafes and takeaway coffee places aren’t operating at the level they used too. Coffee machines are also an increasingly more affordable option for the same quality coffee is being brewed in your own home, whenever you want, and the Jolie & Milk is the perfect choice for you for takeaway coffee in your own home.


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