AIRROBO T10+ 2 in 1 Robot Vacuum and Mop – The Clean You Always Wanted

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When was the last time you had a sparkly clean house without having to spend hours vacuuming, mopping, or hiring help to get the job done?

The AIRROBO T10+ is your hands-free, programmable, vacuum and mop all-in-one helper. There is no need to plan the weekend cleaning your floors anymore. The T10+ is ready to be programmed and take on the task for you. And at a price far below the most expensive vacuums out there, it won’t break the bank!

Key Features

LiDAR navigation system to accurately make its way around any home, regardless of layout. What happens when you take the navigation technology found in helicopters and planes and place it in a robotic vacuum? You get a cleaning system that can map out an entire room up to 8 meters around within seconds. This allows you to let your vacuum get into all the cracks and crevices, around the carefully arranged furniture, and never worry about it falling down the stairs or running into the dog in the process.

Base disposal dust bag that stores the mess for up to 45 days. The T10+ automatically empties itself into the base which houses a 3.3L allergy-friendly disposable bag. This means you can go through weeks of cleaning without having to worry about getting your hands dirty.

Switch between a vacuum and a mop without delay. Because the T10+ houses an electric control water tank, it’s capable of going from the carpet to the hardwood to give your floor a squeaky-clean shine. Its absorbent mop cloth soaks up all of the water and is adjustable to your floor’s needs.

Multiple control options. Whether you’re getting a gift for the grandparents, or the kids are home for the weekend, the T10+ is controllable through the smartphone app, voice control, or the remote control that comes with the system. This makes the T10+ easy to operate for everyone regardless of technological experience.

Schedule your cleaning up to 7 days in advance. The 10+ allows users to schedule daily cleaning in any area of your home up to a week ahead, leaving little to think about while your AIRROBO takes care of business.



  • While the 3.3L base system is nice, it does leave less room for certain homeowners that may have pets, since the 45-day storage would diminish depending on the amount of pet hair and dander picked up during each cleaning.
  • The system is limited to one floor at a time, so if you live in a multilevel home, you will need to purchase multiple systems in order to get the whole house done at one time.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The AIROBO T10+ comes in at under $400. Considering the fact that you can pay upwards of $1000 for a robot vacuum, we think this system is one that cannot be overlooked. On top of cleaning the carpet, the T10+ also takes care of other floor surfaces with its mop ability and gives owners plenty of time to tackle other important tasks around the home. You won’t find a 2 in 1 system at this price point that provides you 45 days of hands-free cleaning. This is a must-have for sure.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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