The NeatIce Bag Keeps Your Cooler Clean and Organized

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NeatIce Bag is the solution you and your cooler needed! Keep your cooler organized and clean with the NeatIce Bag.

Keeping my cooler clean is a chore. Camping, cooking out or tailgating can get messy. I heard about the NeatIce Bag as a solution and tried it out.

NeatIce Bag is a bag that can hold 10 pounds of ice in your cooler.

Who Should Use NeatIce Bag?

Do you use a cooler? It is for you. Ice melts quickly in coolers creating a watery mess. Putting the ice in the bag instead of out loos in the cooler frees up space and saves a future mess.

I found it is best for making the ice last longer before melting.

Key Features

15in x 9 x 6

BPA free materials Nylon fabric

5.6 ounces when empty

Drain valve

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget


When I saw it, I didn’t know what to think. When I actually filled it with ice and used it, I loved it. I immediately noticed my ice lasted at least twice as long as usual.

My personal tip is to fill it just under the maximum capacity. That way, when it slowly starts to melt, it won’t get overly heavy and floppy. I have gotten the same results each time after weeks and I love NeatIce Bag each time. I highly recommend the NeatIce Bag. I give t a 4/5 because it is easy to use, useful and long-lasting.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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