Benro’s new self-leveling tripod sets up in just 10.2 seconds

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Have you ever seen a tripod with this many stabilizing features?

Tripods aren’t exactly known for being the most “user-friendly” camera accessories. That—among its numerous easy-to-use features—is what makes the new Benro Theta possibly the best all-around tripod for travel and landscape photographers (along with anyone else who prefers maximum stability while shooting).

Starting with the basics, the Theta is designed for quick and easy setup on-the-go. Instead of your typical flip or twist locks, it uses a simple foot-lock mechanism to help mount and dismount the tripod in seconds. This means you can deploy the Theta in about half the time it takes to set up traditional tripods, which comes in handy for any fleeting moments you want to capture.

Also, unlike most tripods that rely on bubble levels, you don’t need to worry about adjusting the legs on the Theta to balance out the frame. Just push the button on the battery module, and the built-in motor automatically recalibrates each leg to keep the Theta level with the ground. Anyone who’s had the pleasure of manually adjusting their tripod knows how much of a time-saver this can be, especially when it comes to shooting on uneven surfaces.

Benro Theta Smart Modular Travel Tripod

Speaking of uneven surfaces, the Theta comes equipped with spikes in each foot that help provide extra stability if you’re ever taking photos on soft or loose terrain like sand or snow. The team at Benro have even added an anti-slip feature that automatically locks the legs in place whenever it detects slippage. That’s not only good news for your frame but also for your camera.

Another cool feature is a special locking gear within the Theta’s dual-function ball head that provides a “roll-lock” mode on top of your normal 360-degree rotation. Enabling the roll-lock mode means the ball head can only move in pan and tilt motions, which helps keep your camera level while framing your shot. This is particularly useful for shooting sweeping landscapes, panoramas, or any wide-angle scenes that require a perfectly level horizon.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Overall, we can’t think of any reasons why you wouldn’t want to use the Benro Theta with your camera. Beyond the various stabilizing mechanisms and cutting-edge tech, there’s plenty of other features we wish we could’ve mentioned here. (Anyone looking for something bigger might also be interested in the Theta’s bigger brother, the Theta Max)

While the Theta is by no means cheap (list price is 599 USD), the time-saving features combined with the relatively superior stability and convenience make this self-leveling tripod from Benro a worthwhile investment for any photographer looking to up their gear game.

P.S. It’s worth noting Benro is currently offering two “Early Bird Special” offers on to Kickstarter backers for a limited time:

  1. $250 off the Theta or $300 off the Theta Max if you support the debut campaign
  2. Exclusive 6-year warranty (Benro normally offers 3 years on its products).

Don’t miss out — check out details on their Kickstarter page here.

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