Top 9 Wireless Meat Thermometers – Elevate Your Cooking Game

Cookperfect Best Meat Temperature
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Written by Max Delaney

Updated - April 18th, 2023

Video Review by Joshua Allengame / Professional Gadget Reviewer

No longer will you have to pretend to be a confident BBQ master. No longer will you have to go to the forbidden section of the local library and open up some big dusty tome to find the old secrets to grilling.

With modern technology, you can stay calm and relaxed with little-to-no effort on your part, all while being certain that your meat is on the right track, and will be cooked to perfection every time. All you have to do is put the meat on the BBQ, grill, oven or spit, stick one of these wonderful smart thermometers in the thickest part of the cut and then monitor casually from afar.

Sit back, watch the game, chat with friends or read a book while your meat cooks in the kitchen with any one of these useful wireless smart thermometers.

Yummly Smart Meat Thermo

Yummly Smart Thermometer

MEATER True Wireless Smart Meat Thermometer

Meater Original Wireless Thermometer

CookPerfect Smart Meat Thermometer

Cookperfects 100% Wireless Thermometer

1. Yummly Smart Thermometer

Starting off with one of the more expensive end of the meat thermometer spectrum, the Yummly Smart Thermometer is a fantastic answer to any of your cooking struggles, not just avoiding serving raw chicken.

Coming with an app that is multifaceted and easy to use, the Yummly thermometer will help you to cook your meat perfectly every time. All you have to do is tap what you’re cooking on your phone, select how you want it cooked (well done, medium, rare etc) and the app will show you how to get it there.

With built-in timers, the wireless thermometer and dock allow can stay connected to your smartphone up to almost fifty metres away thanks to the app. If getting the meat cooked to the proper amount isn’t your only problem, the thermometer and its apps have programs for chefs of all levels.

2. Meater Original Wireless Thermometer

If you can’t tell from the brand name, Meater excels in all things meat. Its first wireless thermometer, the original MEATER will have all give you all you need to cook the best chicken, steak, turkey or fish to your liking and the liking of your guests.

Completely wireless, the MEATER is made for those who like to stay stress-free. Some people find enjoyment in sorting through their new gadget and finding out how it works. The MEATER is for people who like their new gadget to work as easily as possible as soon as possible. With one probe, the two sensors allow the thermometer to accurately check not just the internal temperature of the meat being cooked, but the ambient heat too.

Wireless up to 10 metres away, able to estimate how long it will take to cook, a guided cook system and the ability to extend the wireless capability of the MEATER with the MEATER Link, there’s not much to dislike about MEATER’s first remote meat thermometer.

3. Cookperfects 100% Wireless Thermometer

If you like your gadgets to be great at what they do and look good, then you can’t get a wireless thermometer much more handsome than CookPerfect’s.

Cookperfect Meat Temperature

Completely wireless, connecting through Bluetooth with a giant connectivity range and an intuitive rechargeable battery, if a lack of wires is your number one feature then the clean, minimalist nature of this remote thermometer is your new best friend.

With its own personal innovative battery of which it is unique to the world, CookPerfect’s wireless thermometer uses ceramic batteries rather than lithium ones – making them far more sustainable and environmentally friendly. More than that, it will have your meat cooked to perfection and you’ll not have to worry about any wires getting in the way or walking outside its range. With over 400ft of connectivity, your meat will be perfectly cooking outside on the BBQ while you’re inside showering.

Cookperfect Meat Temperature Cooking steak

This product is brand new and currently available only in select individual sellers.

4. InkBird BBQ Thermometer IBT-6XS

Coming in at under $100 Australian Dollars, the Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer from InkBird provides all most will need when it comes to getting their food cooked while sitting on the couch.

Thanks to Bluetooth, it can be controlled wirelessly and has a temperature alarm for when it reaches the desired cooking heat, magnetic back and a wide temperature range. Perfect for outdoor barbeque and grills, it is the perfect addition to any cooking appliance, as long as there is a metal surface to stick it on.

With six probes, usable up to 150ft away from the thermometer and alerting you at any time you desire, IBT-6XS Wireless BBQ Thermometer is the best friend of anyone who loves cooking outside on the BBQ but wants to be able to come inside while it cooks and not worry whether the meat will burn.

5. InkBird Wireless Meat Thermometer

Looking for an option that allows you to cook all your meat wirelessly, not just the meat you’re cooking on the Barbeque? Then another gadget from InkBird is a wonderful choice

With two probes and able to seamlessly switch between Fahrenheit and celsius depending on what you prefer and beautifully backlit to ensure you can see the details of your cook at all times, this wireless meat thermometer from InkBird is a great choice if you don’t need all the extra features that can quickly turn the BBQ thermometer into a gadget that breaks the bank.

Just make sure not to submerge this one in water. It won’t like it very much.

6. MEATER Plus With Bluetooth Repeater

If the ‘plus’ didn’t give it away, the MEATER Plus Meat Thermometer is the bigger, better version of its fantastic first thermometer, aptly named ‘the original’.

With a wireless range of up to 50m compared to the 10 of the original thanks to the Bluetooth repeater, if you love the sound of the original MEATER thermometer, then there’s nothing not to like about the MEATER Plus. It’s the same, but better!

What a scenario. You’ve got a giant slab of beef out in your backyard, slowly cooking away on your BBQ, Grill or, if you’re feeling a bit fancy, your smoker. Rather than having to sit outside in the summer heat for hours with it, constantly checking the temperature and worrying you’ve done something wrong, you’re thirty metres away from your previous meal.

You’re inside sitting in your favourite seat, slowly dozing off, with a cold beer in your hand and the big game on the television. With your phone next to you and turned on, you can sleep peacefully knowing you’ll be awoken any time your meat needs you or when it’s done. Until then, relax.

That’s what the MEATER Plus provides.

7. Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer

If you want to cook and feel like a top-tier chef, then this is the grill thermometer for you. If the million different bells and whistles visible from the image didn’t give it away, this is a high-end meat thermometer.

With both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, the Signals BBQ Alarm Thermometer is ready and willing to help anyone who needs it thanks to the ability to broadcast the details of your cook not just to you sitting on the couch, but to anyone else you like, anywhere on the planet.

Splash-proof (not submersible), durable and with a magnetic backing and able to monitor, display and broadcast the details of four different cooks at the same time this thermometer can do it all.

Able to work with or without the app, if you’re looking to cook as well as your favourite chef, this is the thermometer that will get you as close as possible. Don’t forget the right herbs though!

8. InkBird IBT-4XP Waterproof Grill Thermometer

If for whatever reason it is a requirement that your thermometer be waterproof or you just like having peace of mind, the Inkbird IBT-4XP is the wireless meat thermometer for you.

With a waterproof rating of IPX5, you can cook outside with your thermometer and accompanying display whether it’s rain, hail or shine. Though, we don’t recommend cooking out on the grill while it’s hailing. With a battery that is easily recharged through its USB port, you can safely work in the rain without worrying about the battery getting wet.

More than just waterproof, however, this thermometer has a range of up to 50m and can be paired with the smartphone application, thanks to its three probes it can monitor three pieces of meat at one time and allows you to easily view all necessary information thanks to its large LED display.

If you prefer to know that your gadgets can stand the weather, this waterproof BBQ Thermometer from Inkbird is the one for you.

9. Nutrichef Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer

The ability to cook your meat to the proper level doesn’t have to break the bank.

While the gadgets above are all exceptional at one they do for different reasons, most people would consider them expensive. While that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth it, if you’re looking for something that is a bit more affordable, Nutrichef has you covered.

Luckily, you don’t sacrifice too much for the price. Wouldn’t be a great product if you did, would it?

Able to monitor two pieces of meat at once and alert you when the cook is complete thanks to its smartphone integration, Nutrichef’s thermometer also has a range long enough to let you live your life while your meat cooks. More importantly, the display is clear and simple, letting you know what you need to know when you need to know it.

If you’re looking to cook your meat properly without worrying about whether you can leave it outside or if it’s working, all without needing to take out a loan, the Nutrichef Bluetooth BBQ Grill Thermometer is for you.

What Features to look for in a Wireless Meat Thermometer

Not everyone needs a wireless thermometer for the same reason. Some want to cook outside, some want to smoke huge slabs of beef for hours, and some just want to sit on the couch doing nothing while the meat cooks.

However, there is one thing that everyone who is looking at purchasing a Wireless BBQ Thermometer has in common. All of you want to be able to perfectly cook your meat every time, without constantly checking it or worrying about it.

So, while everyone might want one specific feature like multiple probes, waterproof durability or a large display – there are a few things that everyone should want when looking for a wireless grill thermometer.

Temperature Tracking

This feature is really all about personal preference. Do you want to know everything about your meat and its cook? Or do you prefer the bare minimum – just cook the damn food and let me eat it.

Well, if you’re the latter, then you should be more than happy with minimal temperature tracking. The internal temperature is all you need. However, for those looking for a more scientific experience, some temperatures can track the ambient temperature of the cooker, and provide in-depth analysis to you either through the display or its companion app.

Temperature Range

Most people won’t have to worry about this, but it’s something that everyone should have a quick think about and double-check for before they buy a cooking thermometer.

If you’re just grilling steaks and cooking chicken, you’re probably going to be in the normal range of temperatures, and therefore be covered by most thermometers. However, for those who like to cook extravagantly outside the regular hot and cold temperatures (cold smoked salmon – yum!), you’ll need to check that your temperature is able to monitor that temperature in its range.

Wireless Range

This is a pretty obvious one, but the wireless range of your meat thermometer is crucial to your ability to use it. If you’re going to be cooking in the kitchen, chances are that you will be okay with a shorter length as you roam around the house.

However, if you plan on lots of BBQ and Grilling, then you’re going to need a longer wireless range so you can go about your activities and keep connection to your BBQ Thermometer.


Everybody knows what connectivity is. In today’s day and age, it’s impossible not to.

There are two things to look for in terms of meat thermometer connectivity. The first is whether you want your thermometer to connect via Bluetooth, WiFi, or both. Your outdoor BBQ might not be covered by a WiFi connection, in which case you’ll need Bluetooth connectivity. If your main cooking location is under the umbrella of your home internet, then you will be fine with WiFi.

The second thing to think about is whether you want a gadget that has a remote device, display and all, that connects to the probe or would rather use a smartphone application. Most thermometers above have both, but it’s an important preference to know before you buy.

Probe Length

You couldn’t be prosecuted for thinking that most probes look the same and do the same thing… they more or less do. They’re usually a metal stick about 3m wide that you shove inside a bit of meat.

However, the size of your probe is something that is crucial to your ability to cook the meat to perfection. If you’re someone who eats chicken fillets seven days a week, it might not be a big problem. However, if you’re a cook who regularly makes roasts with large cuts of meat, a smaller probe won’t be able to fit into the centre of your meat and is, therefore, useless. So make sure your probe is big enough to reach the centre of any meat you plan on cooking.

Battery type

Last but certainly not least is the battery type of your potential wireless thermometer.

Like most other features, this one is also a case of personal preference. Though, depending on your activities and how you cook, I would advise one of the others. There are downsides to both AAA or AA batteries and rechargeable battery packs chargeable through USB or power plug.

With the first, you’re constantly changing batteries when the others die, but you always have some on hand and they’re easily purchased when needed. With the other, it’s easy to recharge but, when you inevitably forget to charge your remote thermometer or leave it on accidentally, you won’t be able to use it at all.

Final Word

While the MEATER Plus probably stands out above the rest in terms of price and capability, all of the wireless thermometers mentioned above would be a fantastic addition to your cooking repertoire.

Why struggle to cook meat for hours, bring it inside, and show it off to your guests – only to cut it open and have it overcooked? Or undercooked. Meat is fickle, no matter what you choose. Both under and overcooked are bad.

Purchase a remote meat thermometer to help you find the Goldilocks of meat, helping you cook all your meat just how you want it.

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