Top 10 Cooling Tower Fans in 2024 – Unobtrusive Stylish Models

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Written by Matthew Croft

Updated - November 13th, 2023

We know that fans can take a lot of space, but what if we tell you that there is a compact solution that can provide the necessary cooling? We are talking about tower fans, which have a small footprint and can fit virtually anywhere.

The question you probably have is how to choose the best tower fan. That is why we prepared a guide that will assist in the process. First, please check out the reviews of the top-rated units, and then move on to the tips on how to pick your favorite.

The Best Tower Fans in 2024

1. Our Pick: Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

It is nice to see a unique design in any product, and Dyson achieved that originality with their tower fan. Apart from the cool design, they also designed a reliable item that can keep you cool at all times.

That is because of the Air Multiplier technology, a patented approach by this manufacturer. It ensures maximum performance while keeping the unit quiet. However, it is vital to clean the air holes regularly if you want optimal performance from the fan.

The product comes with a remote, and it is a necessary piece to keep the gear running. The on/off switch is on the fan itself, but if you want to control air intensity, you can only do that via the remote.

The remote has a total of ten different settings to optimize airflow. Additionally, you can use the turning off delay feature and program the unit to turn off when it fits you. The maximum is set at nine hours at increments of 15 minutes.

2. Premium Pick: Tower Fan, 43 Inch Bladeless Oscillating Fan

If you are among those that need both aesthetics and performance, you will like the tower fan designed by Air Choice. First, you will need to assemble it, but since it has only three pieces, that should be a piece of cake.

Once you put it together, you will notice an innovative and attractive design that can improve the aesthetic value of any room. It can also keep the entire room cool, and the numerous adjustments give you the freedom of tailoring it to your needs. You can’t control air direction up and down, but that is usually not possible with these units.

The remote control is reliable, and the performance is very quiet. That makes it suitable for putting it in the bedroom, although it would be better if you could dim the lights at night. Regardless, it is still an amazing fan that can meet and exceed your expectations.

3. Best Value: Lasko 4924 High-Velocity Blower Fan with Handle

Lasko designed one of the best tower fans in the entry-level range. The unit is portable thanks to the integrated handle, and you can quickly move it from one spot to another.

You can also adjust between three different speed settings to tailor the velocity to your needs. Thanks to the option to direct the airflow, you will have total control over the fan.

The integrated safety feature will ensure that the unit stays safe from electrical faults. The product doesn’t require any assembly, and the only potential downside is the display. It may be tricky to see it from a distance, and the power light seems a bit too bright. However, these are only minor issues, and this fan remains an excellent choice for everyone looking for an affordable but powerful product.

4. PELONIS Fan, Oscillating Tower Fan with LED Display

If you are looking for a fan that has a widespread oscillation, you should be satisfied with the 60° oscillation provided by the PELONIS’ fan. The strength of the unit is adequate, especially considering the price. It may not be suitable for large rooms, but it can do a decent job in small areas.

The LED display is conveniently positioned at the top so that you can see the current settings at all times. The remote control is reliable, and it can serve to choose between three different modes and speeds.

It is a shame that the beep when changing the settings is quite loud because it disrupts the overall quiet performance of the fan. When it comes to other features, the programmable timer is very useful, and it can delay shutting off for seven hours.

5. ANSIO Black Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control

The design of the ANSIO’s fan is modern and features black color with a matte finish as dominant. Add the small size and footprint to the equation, and it will become clear why you can’t fit it anywhere. The unit can be a bit wobbly on the carpet, but as long as you don’t walk close to it, that shouldn’t be an issue.

The fan has a standard number of options for speed and oscillation. You can also program the unit to turn off at the desired time for up to three hours. The timer and the fact the product is reasonably quiet make it suitable for bedrooms.

The remote is easy to use and has plenty of functions, but it could have a better range. If necessary, you can use the built-in handle to move the unit around.

6. Honeywell HYF290B Quietset 8-Speed Whole-Room Tower Fan

Number “8” seems to be crucial for this unit designed by Honeywell. The fan has eight different speed, which is more than most of the similar products out there. That gives you plenty of room to find the desired speed and cooling level.

You can use both the remote control and the touchscreen display to adjust the settings. The screen is conveniently placed on the top, and it also offers you an option to dim the light if you are in a bedroom planning to sleep.

That is when the programmable timer can come in handy. You can delay the turning off for up to eight hours, but the problem is that the unit is not that quiet at high settings. Additionally, the overall longevity of the fan could be better, but it is still a good deal for the cost.

7. LEVOIT LV373 Tower Fan Oscillating with Remote Control

LEVOIT used an interesting approach by splitting the fan into two areas – the top part has manual oscillation that can cover 360°, and the entire unit has an automatic 90° oscillation.

The product has three different modes and settings that you can control with the remote. You will also notice a LED display that presents various information, including the current temperature in the room.

The fan seems to work quietly, but it could be more powerful. You also need to make sure where you place it because it is not that sturdy. However, it has a small footprint, multiple color options, and it comes at an affordable price, and all those might make it a smart investment.

8. Ozeri 3x Tower Fan with Passive Noise Reduction Technology

Here is another tower fan with a unique and stylish design. When you take a look at it, you may think it reminds you of a speaker. It fits perfectly into any modern surroundings and is suitable to keep small areas cool.

Instead of a single fan, this product offers three separate fans. You can control each of them with the remote control or the LED control panel. The unit offers different fan speeds, too, and that allows you plenty of room to adjust the unit the way you want.

The remote has a long range, but its overall durability is not that durable. Fortunately, the product’s overall longevity is much better, and the noise level is low.

9. OPOLAR Mini Oscillating Tower Fan

Are you looking for a mini tower fan that you can fit on your desktop? OPOLAR designed a unit that is perfect for office desks and other areas where you need to combat hotness.

It is not only a small height of 14 inches, but the fan is also very slim, and this compact size is what makes it easy to fit it anywhere. The fan is as powerful as you would expect from a product like this, but it is not that quiet.

Although there is no remote control, it is easy to operate thanks to the control panel on the top. The widespread oscillation of up to 85 degrees guarantees optimal cooling at all times. Finally, this space-saving fan comes at a budget-friendly price.

10. Holmes Group 38-Inch 8-Speed Tower Fan, HTF38138-BM

There is no doubt this a modern and sleek tower fan that can contribute to any room décor. Apart from the aesthetics, we care about the performance, and it is decent enough for small rooms. However, you shouldn’t expect to cool large areas with this fan.

The product comes with remote control and eight different speed settings. You can also turn off the oscillation if necessary, or activate breeze or sleep modes depending on your needs.

It is a nice touch that the batteries come with the remote, but at a price, it was expected. The integrated handle makes it easy to move from one location to another based on where you need the cooling.

How to Choose the Best Tower Fan

When you are choosing a tower fan, these factors may help you to pick the model that suits your needs.

Adjustable Speeds and Modes

It is always convenient when you can adjust an appliance to perform to your needs. When it comes to tower fans, the best models out there will offer at least several speed settings. That way you can choose whether you want low, medium, or high level of cooling.

Additionally, many units allow you to adjust to different modes. Some fans are equipped with special sleep modes, and some have extra features like a programmable timer.

Noise Level

The level of noise can be extremely important when choosing any fan. You do not want the unit to disrupt your regular activities or conversations. You particularly do not want it to bother you while you are trying to sleep.

The noise levels are different, and they depend a little on how much you can tolerate. However, you should always strive for a fan that is as quiet as possible.

Is It Easy to Use?

Many tower fans nowadays come with remote control. That is an excellent way of controlling the unit from a distance. The ranges may vary, and it is always nice to have an alternative form of control.

That should be the display or adjustment knobs on the unit itself. Some fans feature a LED touchscreen while others do it the old-fashioned way with buttons.

Other Features to Consider

Please check out the list below as it contains some additional features that are worth considering when choosing a tower fan:

  • Coverage – you shouldn’t dream big when it comes to the size of the area a tower fan can cool. Most units perform great in small spaces, and others can also keep a moderate-sized room cool.
  • Stability – tower fans have a small footprint, and that is the reason why you should consider their sturdiness and stability. Please note that this might not matter that much if you place it away from walking areas.
  • Portability – some fans have an integrated handle that makes it easy to carry them from one room to another. That way, you can always keep the room you are in cool.

Final Conclusion

Various factors can affect your choice for the best tower fan out there. We hope that you will be able to find the perfect unit by sticking to our guide!


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