Smartphones have never been better. They are exceptionally quick and have more capability than you could have ever imagined a few years ago. All this means that they are also more expensive than ever and people are often carrying around a $500+ asset in their pocket.

Whether it be clumsiness, someone knocking into you or it slipping out of your hand, they are also easy to drop. Phone repairs are expensive which is why more people are turning to phone grips that look great but also help to prevent accidents from happening. 

For less than $15, you could potentially save yourself hundreds of dollars. Here show you how to get the best phone grip that will not only give you that peace of mind but also make holding your phone a lot more comfortable.

The Best Phone Grips & Cell Phone Grips

1. Our Pick: Lamicall Ring Phone Holder

Lamicall Ring Phone Holder

Why People love it: Sturdy ring design and operable with minimal interference

• Durable design sticks to phone at all time
• Ring design allows you to hold phone without anything getting in the way
• Can also act as a standalone holder for smartphones when left on flat surface
• Comes with additional parts where necessary

• Large shape can take some adapting to
• Logo placement hinders overall look


The Lamicall Ring Phone Holder lets you enjoy your smartphone at any time. Made from a durable zinc alloy, the ring holder slips onto your finger to allow you to relax and watch stuff on your phone in maximum comfort.

Its base attaches magnetically to the back of your smartphone and pivots on a 360˚ basis giving you full control to angle your phone to a comfortable position. It is not just a fashion accessory though as the ring can be laid down and act as a free-standing phone holder that can work on any desk or dashboard when you need it to.

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2. Premium Pick: FITFORT Phone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand

FITFORT Phone Ring Holder Finger Kickstand

Why People love it: Stylish design | Highly effective | 360° rotation

• Comfortable to hold
• Versatile design
• Great durability
• High build quality

• Thicker profile
• Weaker adhesive


This phone grip is incredibly highly rated and you can see why. Not only does it have a stylish design but it is also extremely effective at giving you a comfortable a secure grip of your phone at all times. It gives you peace of mind and security.

To go with that, it’s also very versatile and is the best phone grip with a ring. The phone finger holder can be used as a stand to watch videos and there is also a magnetic car mount to comer with it. It’s slightly thicker than other options but will still easily slide into your pocket. It’s brilliantly designed and a fantastic phone grip.

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3. Best Value: goStrap Finger Strap

goStrap Finger Strap

Why People love it: High compatibility | Secure grip | Nice to hold

• Slim design
• Secure feel
• Durable strap
• Tight elastic

• Simple materials
• Weak adhesive


goStrap has been able to make a cheap and cheerful strap which doesn’t have the most stylish of designs but is going to be able to do its job very well. It’s highly compatible as an iPhone handle grip but also most models, and will be able to give you a very secure grip.

The strap is very easy to hold and has a good level of durability. The tight elastic which it features will give you the security that you’re looking for. It is also very well designed and will be able to slide easily into your pocket without catching, making it the best phone grip for those on a budget.

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4. PopSockets: Collapsible Grip & Stand

PopSockets Collapsible Grip & Stand

Why People love it: Collapsible design | Stylish color options | Comfortable hold

• Good grip
• Works as a stand
• Durable material
• Lightweight

• Low style
• Poor adhesive


PopSockets have developed a unique solution as this grip has a collapsible design which is able to fold down to a thin size. When extended, it allows you to slide it through your fingers and enjoy the large amount of grip it gives you.

The material is used is very lightweight and durable too. The grip is also able to work as a stand and therefore the whole product is going to give you a good level of versatility. You need to make sure that you have the right phone in order for it to stick effectively but it’s an impressive device.

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5. CatTongue Grips

CatTongue Grips

Why People love it: Great design options Non-slip grip Easy to apply

• Simple to remove
• Great durability
• Water resistant
• Thinnest profile

• Can leave residue
• Not easy to reuse


For a simple but highly effective phone grip, CatTongue Grips would be your best choice. It will easily attach to your phone and has a very low profile to let it slide easily into your pocket. The non-slip grip will work in all conditions and is simple to remove if you want a change.

There are numerous colors and designs that are available, allowing you to choose something which matches your style. It’s highly durable which includes being resistant to water. It’s adhesive non-slip cell phone grip backing can provide a layer of gription and one which would end up saving you a lot of money.

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6. Monet Phone Grip

Monet Phone Grip

Why People love it: Stylish design | Holds cards | Thin profile

• Numerous color options
• Versatile design
• Very comfortable
• Secure grip

• Weak stand
• The strap can pop off


Monet has also been able to make a phone grip that looks great. It also can be used for multiple different reasons as not only does it have that secure grip but it’s also going to be able to store cards work as a stand.

The thin profile that it has makes it easily slide into your pocket and with numerous color options available, you’re going to find the perfect design for you. It’s very comfortable to hold and is made from durable materials that are going to last.

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7. LoveHandle LH-01 Universal Grip

LoveHandle LH-01 Universal Grip

Why People love it: A large range of colors | High compatibility | Slim design

• Easy one-handed use
• Pocket-friendly
• Secure elastic
• Stylish design

• Very tight
• Doesn’t stick to some phones


If you’re looking for a unique design and a great range of colors then you’re not going to have to look any further than this. LoveHandle as it’s one of the best things to hold your phone. They have made this exceptional grip which will easily fit in your pocket and gives you everything you need when you get it back out. LoveHandle is also 100% made in the USA making it a formative choice for any mobile user. 

The grip is highly compatible with many other devices and the secure elastic is going to be able to keep it very close to your fingers. Some users have complained about it being too tight and therefore it might not be ideal for users with large hands.

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8. Switchbands Case Phone Grip Band

Switchbands Case Phone Grip Band

Why People love it: Soft feel | Wide band | Very thin

• Pocket-friendly
• Durable case
• Full protection
• Interchangeable design

• Low compatibility
• Lack of color options


In contrast to the other options, this is a whole phone case grip. While it is able to give your phone a brilliant level of security, it is only going to be compatible with a limited range of devices and you need to double-check if it fits your phone.The wide band it features will be able to give you a very secure hold onto the phone. The smartphone grip enables you to hold your phone easier. It is also very thin and therefore you won’t catch it in your pocket. It is able to fit your phone, this is a very good grip that will give you a comfortable and secure feel.

Switchbands are interchangeable and customizable which allows users to have any color, design or even customized band. This also allows the user to adjust the band to their desired tightness. Another benefit of buying the Switchband is the sleek band design case works with wireless charging, making it easier for users in their everyday lives. The band design also gives full screen reach using just one hand. 

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9. WANPOOL Universal Non-Slip Silicon Hand Strap

WANPOOL Universal Non-Slip Silicon Hand Strap

Why People love it: Unique design | Leaves no marks | Great design

• Comfortable hold
• High level of grip
• Thin profile
• Durable material

• Low compatibility
• Lack of color options


WANPOOL have been able to make a phone grip which is a little different as it will be able to grip to the edges of your phone. The advantage of that is that it’s not going to leave any adhesive marks on your phone once you take it off.

Once attached to your phone, the finger grip for phone is very comfortable to hold and the whole material will be able to give you a highly comfortable grip. It’s another which has a thin profile too to make it very easy to use and put in your pocket. 

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10. AOLIY Cell Phone Grip and Stand

AOLIY Cell Phone Grip and Stand

Why People love it: Multi-use | Strong adhesive | Removable

• Washable
• Smart design
• Low profile
• Durable materials

• Can be hard to slide
• Not many colors available


AOLIY is another company who has been able to make a cell phone grip which can also be used as a grip stand. It has a stronger adhesive than many other products and therefore you’re ever going to have to worry about it every falling off.

The whole design of the grip is very smart and will be able to last you for a long time. Sometimes the grip can be a little hard to slide but this is only ever going to be a minor issue. Overall, it’s one of the great phone holders for hand that gives you a high level of comfort.

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11. CANAMI Cell Phone Holder

Why People love it: Simple design | Versatile usage | Different color options

• Strong adhesive
• High compatibility
• Great phone stand
• Easy to use

• Can leave residue
• Not very stylish


CANAMI have developed a simple but highly effective cell phone grip which is able to work both as a phone grip but also as a grip stand. The silicone is able to give you a good level of grip as you can tuck your fingers above and below the curl.

The cell phone holder for hand can also be used in cars too, making it a highly versatile device. It keeps a very low profile and therefore you’re not going to have any issues getting it into your pocket. The high-strength adhesive will ensure that the grip stays on your phone.

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Buying guide


When it comes to a phone grip, you’re going to care about how thick it is. Anything too wide then there is a good chance that it’s going to get caught in your pocket and that could tear off the adhesive which is keeping it stuck to your phone.

All of the products that we have looked at here have quite a thin profile but some are a little bulkier than others. If you wear tight jeans, for instance, then you will want to get a phone grip which has a very thin profile. 

Color and design

Everyone cares what their phone looks like and the styling of the device is a factor you’ll be taking into consideration when it comes to getting your phone. It only makes sense then that you are going to care about what your grip looks like when it’s attached to your phone.

Some of these designs are basic while others will look great and are available in a vast range of colors. If you care a lot about the styling of your device then getting a grip with a more attractive design is most likely going to be the best way to go.


The way that the grip attaches to your phone is important and it’s one area where there can be a big difference between devices. The adhesive has to be strong enough to stay on but not too strong that you won’t be able to get it off.

It’s a delicate balance but one which most companies are able to do quite well. There are others with will grip onto the corner of your phone and don’t require any adhesive at all. These can be good but perhaps a little tricky to keep on.


The material that is used is going to be an important part of how comfortable it feels. A lot of these phone grips use elastic in order for it to keep a firm grip. This can be a good idea but for some users, it might be a little bit tight. 

A metal cell phone grip is perhaps going to be the most durable solution but it’s going to be up to you whether or not it’s something that you are comfortable with. It’s obviously a hard material but then you put your finger through the ring, it’s not going to be uncomfortable.

There are also the rubberized pone grips which you are able to slide up. These are great as you’re going to be able to make the loop as loose or as tight as you want. It also has a great natural level of grip to be able to keep your phone secure at all times.

Extra features

The primary function of these grips is that they give you a secure and comfortable hold on your phone. Some of them also have other uses too which makes them even more desirable. Perhaps the most common feature that we see in these phones is them being able to be used as a stand. This can be brilliant for those people who like to prop up their phones and watch moves.

There are other features too. The Monet grip allows you to store cards or cash and there are others who are going to also be used as a car mount. Before buying your phone grip, it’s important to see if any of these features are going to be useful for you.


What is a PopSocket?

PopSocket has been a leader in the cell phone grip market for quite a while now. It’s a device which lies flat on your phone when it’s not in use and then will extend out when you pull it back. It gives you an easy solution to grip your phone and has been tried and trusted for many years but there are also great pop socket alternatives out there.

Pop sockets vs ring – which is better?

Both solutions work with the same theory of having a collapsible design which can extend out. Both are great solutions but the better one for you is whichever you would feel more comfortable with. They take up a similar amount of space and can come in some great designs. While there are pop socket alternatives out there, the decision of which one is better is up to you.

What are the pop socket alternatives?

There are many things like PopSockets including the ring option which we spoke about earlier. Both will allow you to slide your fingers through to be able to grip your phone. There are also plenty of elastic phone grips which have a simple design but one which is highly effective. Then there are other similar to Popsocket things for the back of your phone such as the grip from CatTongue Grips which will simply provide you with a non-slip backing to your phone. Finally, there are other solutions which pop out to create a loop to place your finger through. The grips we have looked at here provide you with a lot of options with some great solutions.

How will I know if it’s compatible?

Most of these grips are going to be compatible with all phones but there are others which are a little bit more specific. In the product description, it’ll always advise you of what phones the grip is going to be compatible with and you want to check this before buying.

Will it mark my phone?

A gentle adhesive or suction cup is used for most of the phone grips and you don’t want them to mark up your phone. Most of the times you’ll be able to pull it off without a mark but sometimes you won’t be so lucky. Thankfully this is never a big issue and you’ll quickly be able to clean it and make your phone pristine once again.


All the things to help hold your phone that we have looked at here are going to be available for under $15. That’s a very minor investment for a little device which could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in damages or having to deal with a crack for a long time.

Before picking the grip you most like the look of, it’s important to consider what your needs are and all the information you’ve looked at here. Once you have picked the right one, then you’re going to be able to hold your phone with a lot more security and confidence.