Air hockey is making a comeback. It is a game that will test your speed, skills, wits, and reflexes to the limit. It takes two to tangle, and many people are reconnecting with their friends and loved ones thanks to the game. The best thing: air hockey tables are just small enough to fit in your home or at your favorite local joint, so there is no hassle about it.

Air hockey tables are better than ever thanks to new technology. They are also so many that you will likely be spoilt for choice. That is why we are going to save you the trouble of combing through thousands of air hockey tables with this review.

The Best Air Hockey Table

1. Our Pick: Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table

Atomic 90 or 7.5 ft LED Light UP Arcade Air Powered Hockey Tables

Why People love it: It offers the ideal arcade experience | It retains its smooth and sleek appearance for years | It is large and offers a more fun gaming experience | Air flow is powered a 120-V motor for a smooth and slick gaming experience

• Durable and sturdy construction
• An arcade setting for a more fun gaming experience
• High-powered air flow system
• Large surface for more fun
• The strikers are rechargeable

• The large surface takes up more space in the house
• The electronics are not reliable; they may break down sometimes


The Atomic Top Shelf air hockey table is our favorite for a variety of reasons. For starters, it offers the ideal arcade experience and brings more fun to the game. It is also one of the largest tables in the market; size comes with its advantages, too.

Key Features

  • 7.5 Feet in Size

This air hockey table is the largest in our review as it measures 7.5 feet. This is plenty of space to bring out all your moves. However, the extra space also means that you need a larger accommodation area.

  • PVC-Laminated Surface

You can play as hard as you wish, as many times as you like, without worrying about wear and tear. This table’s MDF surface is laminated using PVC which prevents against the slightest scratches; it will look and feel as good as new for years.  

  • Lumen-X LED Technology

Just like an arcade, this air hockey table comes fitted with flashing lights enabled by lumen-X LED technology. The flashing lights make things more exciting and invoke that classic feeling of playing at the arcade. Both of the bumpers as well as the pucks, and strikers are fitted with lights for enhanced excitement.

  • High-Tempo Tunes

A classic arcade experience would be incomplete without the classic tunes. The table is fitted with premium speakers that play high-tempo tunes that are synchronized with the flashing lights for an overall exciting gaming experience.

  • Sturdy Legs

You can lean down as hard as you wish and put all your might into it and still this air hockey table will not budge. The table sits on strong and sturdy legs that are designed to hold immense weight as well as rough movements for when the excitement builds up – which will be often considering the enhanced levels of excitement.

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2. Premium Pick: Sport Squad Air Hockey Table

Sport Squad HX40 40 inch Table Top Air Hockey Table for Kids and Adults

Why People love it: Conveniently small in size | Easy to set up and put away | Affordable

• It comes in a small and compact size
• It is easy to unpack and assemble
• The top is electric-powered for an exciting playing experience
• It is strong and sturdy
• It comes with two pucks and two paddles

• It’s small size may limit the fun
• It is AC-powered only – it doesn’t come with an on or off switch
• It doesn’t have an automatic scoreboard
• The motor may overheat when placed on the carpet


You don’t have to splash your cash to enjoy air hockey. This air hockey table by Sport Squad has everything you need for a thrilling game at an affordable price.

Key Features

  • Conveniently Small Size

This air hockey table measures just 40 inches in size, which is convenient in several ways. For starters, it can fit in small and narrow spaces, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up too much space in the house or at work. The small size also makes it easy to unpack and put away when not in use. However, it also comes with a downside as the limited space also limits your moves on the board, however, other features make up for this shortcoming.  

  • Electric-Powered Top

While this air hockey table has a small surface, it is nevertheless electric-powered for an authentic gaming experience. This ensures that the pucks move smoothly and steadily and enhances your skills while also cracking up the fun.  

  • Sturdy Legs

This air hockey table may be small but it is as compact and powerful as any other. It stands on four strong and sturdy legs that can take on both players’ weights so don’t be afraid to bring out the aggressive inner you if that is what you need to win. However, caution is necessary as the pressure may take its toll over time.


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 3. Best Value: Atomic Avenger 8 Air Hockey Table

Atomic Avenger 8’ Hockey Table

Why People love it: It features a vibrant appearance that resembles its name | It utilizes the best technology of air hockey tables | It is easy and comfortable to play

• Easy and quick to set up thanks to a touch-screen control system
• Puddles are ergonomically designed so that they are easy and comfortable to use
• Scores are registered electronically
• The surface is smooth and sleek for a flawless playing experience
• The legs are adjustable to suit people of all heights

• It is large and heavy, so it needs more space and may be cumbersome to move around
• The motor is powerful but also loud
• The table may be prone to scratches over time


The Atomic Avenger 8 air hockey table is as modern as they come. It has a design that matches the name as it utilizes the best technology. It also goes big on everything else including size and air flow.

Key Features

  • Smooth Playing Surface

The surface of this air hockey table features an atomic design that rhymes with the name. More importantly, it is designed in a sleek and smooth manner so that pucks glide effortlessly, thus making for a seamless playing experience.

  • Touch-Screen Controls

There are no levers to pull or buttons to push with this air hockey table as it features a touch-screen control system. This makes it easy and quick to pick your desired settings. Assembly is also easy, and the controls are simple to get used to.

  • 120V Air Flow Blower

The smooth and sleek table surface is made even sleeker by the 120V air flow blower. The blower channels small jets of air onto the surface so that the pucks always stay afloat when playing. The motor is also energy-efficient, so you don’t have to worry about high energy bills.

  • Ergonomic Puddles

Air hockey can be addictive, but unlike your smartphone it is actually practical and beneficial. The puddles used on the Atomic Avenger 8 air hockey table are designed for players who simply cannot get enough. They are ergonomic, which makes them comfortable to hold and easy to use over long periods without tiring.

  • Electronic Scoring

No one will dispute the score when playing on this air hockey table as it has an accurate and reliable electronic scoreboard.

  • Adjustable Legs

This air hockey table sits on four strong and sturdy legs that are 5.5 inches tall. The legs are also adjustable, so you can raise the table or lower it for a more comfortable and convenient pose. This makes it ideal for everyone including children and adults.


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4. Triumph Fire ‘n’ Ice Air Hockey Table

Triumph Fire ‘n Ice LED Light-Up 54”

Why People love it: It brings back the 90s nostalgia and makes air hockey all the more fun | It is easy to assemble

• The lights and design make for a classic playing experience
• It is fitted with a crossbeam for extra stability
• It is easy to assemble
• It doesn’t take up too much space
• The lighting makes playing in the dark more fun

• The air flow is not as reliable as in other options
• The style infringes on substance


Remember the 90s when everything seemed surreal? Everything has come a long way since, including air hockey tables. However, the Triumph Fire ‘n’ Ice air hockey table is like a time capsule that brings back the period’s nostalgia. Everything about it will remind you about the good old days of gaming.

Key Features

  • 90s Setting

This air hockey table is designed to bring back the 90s nostalgia. Everything ranging from the top’s surface to the pucks and puddles is designed after the 90s. The blue and red lights are especially symbolic of the past.

  • LED Lighting

As mentioned, the most nostalgic thing about this air hockey table is the LED lighting. The lights come in red and blue to resemble fire and ice, hence the Fire ‘n’ Ice brand name. The corners, pucks, and puddles are also lighted for easy tracking. The lights are especially enjoyable when playing in the dark.  

  • Reliable Stability

It is easy to get carried away when playing air hockey. This is why this table comes fitted with crossbeams for extra stability. Its legs are also strong and sturdy, with a seat on broad bases to ensure that they do not budge.

  • Smooth Airflow and Electronic Scoreboard

The surface of this air hockey table is smooth and sleek. This, coupled with the moderate airflow, makes the pucks move fast and smooth for a flawless playing experience. The electronic scoreboard also keeps track of every score so that you don’t have to.

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5. Hathaway 4-Foot Air Hockey Table

Hathaway Enforcer Air Hockey Table

Why People love it: It is small, compact, and easy to set up | It is fun to play on | Designed for the whole family

• Stability is ensured by the L-shaped legs
• The legs are adjustable to suit players of different heights
• The goals are wider for easier scoring and puck retrieval
• It is small and compact and can fit many spaces
• The fan is powerful and fast but also energy-efficient
• It comes with a 90-day warranty

• The fan may require replacement after about a year of use
• It is most suitable for young kids; adults may strain when bending


This is one of Harvil’s smaller air hockey tables, ideally designed for kids and teens. It is smaller than previous versions from the same brand, but it goes big and better on other features including technology and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Small, Compact Size

This table measures just 4-feet in length and is shorter than most other tables on the list. This makes it small and compact enough to fit in small rooms. The small size also makes it ideal for kids, but it doesn’t discourage adults from having fun either.

  • Adjustable, L-Shaped Legs

The table stands on L-shaped legs designed for maximum stability, so you can push and pull all you want and it won’t budge. The legs are also adjustable up and down – this makes it suitable for adults as they can raise the size and small kids as it can go even shorter.

  • Powerful Fan

Harvil utilizes a powerful fan that blows air through the surface of this table to ensure that the pucks always stay afloat and the play is always flawless. The fan is also energy-efficient and silent, so you will barely hear it hum.

  • Electronic Scoreboard and Wide Goals

Every score is registered by an electronic scoreboard that beats any eye, so there is no cheating with this table. The goals are also wide for two reasons: it makes it easy for kids to score, and retrieving pucks is easier. Unfortunately, the table doesn’t utilize more electronic technology such as lights and tunes.

Air Hockey Table Buying Guide

Air hockey tables come in a variety of designs, sizes, colors, and much more. You will have a hard time choosing one if you don’t know what to look for. As such, take these factors into consideration next time you go shopping:

  • Features

The features on air hockey tables vary greatly – some are plain while others are decorated over the top. Some features are purely authentic while others are functional. Features range from lighting to air flow. Ideally, a table which has more features packs more fun and greater functionality. For instance, lighting is not only exciting and more fun but also functional when playing in the dark. Air flow is also necessary for the pucks to glide smoothly over the table.  

However, it is important to keep in mind that air hockey tables with more features also come at a higher price.

  • Size

As highlighted, air hockey tables come both small and large: some as small as 4 feet and others as large as 7.5 feet. The size determines a lot when it comes to air hockey. For starters, large tables reduce playing limitations and increase the fun; however, they also take up a lot of space and are usually difficult to set up. Small tables, on the other hand, limit your moves on the table but are compact and easy to set up in any room.

  • Price

Air hockey tables are not exactly cheap, but they come at varying prices. The price is determined by a variety of factors such as size and features. If you have money to spend, don’t let price get in the way of your fun and go for one with the best features. If, on the other hand, you want to save, then go for an air hockey table with only the necessary features.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does an air hockey table work?

Air hockey table is designed to mimic hockey. The player’s goal is to kick the puck into the opponent’s goal using the puddle, which acts as the hockey stick. The only difference is that space is limited, but the rules are the same.

Which is the best way to maintain my air hockey table for durability?

Cleaning and maintenance are necessary for extending the life of your air hockey table. As such, clean the surface every two weeks using sandpaper and cloth to keep it sleek and smooth. The pucks should also be scrubbed periodically to keep them smooth. It is also advisable to avoid aggressiveness when playing at the table can only take so much weight regardless of how sturdy the legs are. It also goes without saying that the table’s durability depends on its quality, so don’t expect cheap air hockey tables to serve you for long.