Vandalize Your School Bag Without Getting In Trouble with the Flip-Top DrawBag

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Have you found Sharpies all over your kids’ backpacks and get frustrated?

Maybe you are looking for a way to enhance and encourage your children to be creative outside of the conventional ways and have come up short. The Flip-Top DrawBag by Schooled by Paper is perfect for your little creative ones.

Kids and teenagers love to vandalize their belongings to make them theirs. From pencil cases to the front of their notebook, either we did or knew someone who drew all over their belongings. This Flip-Top DrawBag is more than just a school bag, but being made out of a paper-leather, the purpose of this bag is to be drawn on. It can be entirely customized to you and your personality by using non-toxic, permanent acrylic paint markers you can draw all over this bag without getting in trouble.

There are many features to the Flip-Top DrawBag by Schooled by Paper that make it the ideal go-to school bag for many children and young adults for their everyday school needs.

Key Features

As we continue to venture into the technological age, laptops and tablets are almost necessary now to do well at school, and they need just as much protection as a textbook. This Flip-Top DrawBag provides a padded laptop sleeve that can fit your laptop and/or tablet with additional protection from anything else you put in your bag.

Bags almost always cause back and shoulder pain in the student and this particular schoolbag aims to say as far away from that as possible. With padded shoulder straps, your kid won’t feel as if the bag is dragging their shoulders out of their sockets. The extra padding makes it comfortable to carry.

This backpack comes with a zippered main compartment as well as two internal open pockets to organize their lunch from their school books. As well as an additional side pocket for your child's most trusty marker to draw all over their bag, this bag has it all.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There has never been a bag made just for graffiti and enhancing kids’ creativity like this. The Schooled by Paper Flip-Top DrawBag is a one-of-a-kind school bag for any young creative mind out there.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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