Take Listening To The Next Level With The U-Evolve Headphones

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Trying to listen or watch your favourite media without any interruptions can be a difficult task to achieve but the U-Evolve Headphones could help you watch or listen without any interruptions.

The biggest upside to the U-Evolve Headphones is the noise cancellation technology built into the drivers that can reduce external noise levels by up to 28dB.

By reducing the outside noise levels, you can enjoy the crystal clear audio with ease with the headphones featuring an active bass boost and surround sound from each 40mm driver.

Key Features

The pads on each earphone contain memory foam to make them comfortable to wear for long period and also help form a tighter cup around the ear to boost the direction of the sound into your eardrum

It comes with a protective case which is shockproof allowing you to take them anywhere with ease and know that they are protected should they get dropped.

With an average battery life of 200 hours, you can listen to an entire back catalogue and watch dozens of films before having to worry about charging them for use.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

With lots of comfort and little interruptions, the U-Evolve Headphones are the perfect headphones to unwind all night without experiencing any unwanted distractions.

Matthew Croft
Matthew Croft

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