SL-1200MK7 Professional DJ Turntable

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Do you have your own DJ business or maybe want to take your house parties to another level?

Having your own DJ turntable comes in handy more often than you would think of, and using the Technics DJ turntable is going to ensure incredible sound quality every time.

A turntable represents the core of any DJ setup. The turntable is used to play music, and when an MC is present, lyrics too. It consists of a turntable platter (the rotating component), mounted on top of a turntable tonearm (which holds the cartridge and stylus). After reading a simple manual, anyone can use one of these to the best of their ability. The turntable has specific features that make it suitable for use in nightclubs or home listening; these include RCA outputs that can be plugged into a mixer, notches located at various points around the turntable platter to aid “scratching” techniques and USB connectivity for digital conversion of vinyl records to computer-based media files such as MP3s.

There are amazing features to DJ turntables that make it an incredible choice over a jukebox or speaker setup;

Key Features

The direct drive system offers high performance, such as rotation accuracy and powerful torque so your music sounds great every time

A new coreless direct drive motor was developed which removed the root cause of cogging.

Rotation accuracy is improved over a long period of time with no parts replacement necessary

Powerful torque is accomplished without iron cores in the stator

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

If you have quite a few parties a year or have your own DJ business, a turntable is a core element to your setup. The Technics turntable brings professional devices into your home, and you can now enjoy music on a whole other level.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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