PLAUD NOTE ChatGPT Empowered AI Voice Recorder
PLAUD NOTE ChatGPT Empowered AI Voice Recorder

PLAUD NOTE Your Ultimate AI-Powered Voice Recorder

Get ready to revolutionize your recording game with PLAUD NOTE, the unbeatable AI voice recorder that’s here to transform the way you capture, transcribe, and summarize audio moments.

Imagine a voice recorder so slim it fits perfectly with your MagSafe case – that’s PLAUD NOTE! Its sleek design adds style to substance, making it an ideal partner for recording on the go.

Just a single button press, and you’re rolling! PLAUD NOTE’s one-press recording takes the hassle out of capturing moments. And with its easy-to-use app, playback becomes a breeze, giving you clear and crisp audio whenever you need it.

Two modes cater to your needs: Phone Call Recording Mode for those important conversations, and Normal Recording Mode for meetings, chats, and quick memos. PLAUD NOTE adapts, ensuring you capture content effortlessly.

The magic doesn’t stop there – transcription and ChatGPT integration take PLAUD NOTE to the next level. Your recordings transform into accurate texts, perfectly time-coded for your convenience. And when it’s summary time, ChatGPT steps in, wrapping things up in just five seconds.

But that’s not all – PLAUD NOTE now packs a whopping 64GB storage punch, giving you space for up to 480 hours of recordings. No more worrying about running out of room!

Ready to embrace the future of recording? PLAUD NOTE’s your go-to partner for brilliant recordings. From catching up with friends to nailing that business meeting, PLAUD NOTE is the game-changer you’ve been waiting for.

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