Your DJ Experience Enhanced with the NC-Q1 Headphones

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Are you venturing into the world of being a DJ or maybe you are looking to enhance your equipment?

Headphones are some of the most important equipment for any DJ and a quality pair is required. For the best in noise cancelling DJ headphones, there is nothing better than the NC-Q1 over-the-ear headphones.

The NC-Q1 headphones are built to be completely noise cancelling and filtering sounds to make your DJ experience all the more better. With the noise cancelling you will be able to enjoy the act of mixing your music and listening to the sounds without bursting your eardrums from the speakers. These headphones are entirely rechargeable with up to 36 hours of battery use with a single charge, meaning you can work an entire party-filled weekend without needing to charge your headphones if you don’t feel like doing so after a long night.

There are many other features to the NC-Q1 Headphones that compliment the DJ experience perfectly.

Key Features

The NC-Q1 Headphones are both Bluetooth enabled and work alongside both Siri and Google Assist. Being completely compatible with all devices and allowing you to work handsfree while you are busy at the table.

As with many headphones, the earpads will tend to wear and tear overtime, which is normal for headphones from many companies. However, not many can be changed over seamlessly, but the NC-Q1 earpads are entirely swapable with separately purchased replacement earpads whenever the time comes.

As DJ’s work solely with music and sound, you want the best quality sound out of your headphones also. The NC-Q1 headphones has peak quality in sound and noise isolation with the highest of professional standards. The high resolution sound will be unlike anything you’ve heard before.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

There is nothing better than a great set of headphones, being a DJ or not, however if you do work in the music industry, the NC-Q1 are the best headphones with their highest quality and impeccable noise cancelling and filtering of sounds.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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