Comfortable and Stylish Earbuds For The Long-Term – the Firefly Vintage Earbuds

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Have you been on the lookout for not only the most stylish but the most advanced set of wireless earbuds on the market?

We all have our own set of criteria to tick off when it comes to picking a pair of earbuds up and the Firefly Vintage tick many boxes for so many people, which makes it the ideal pair of earbuds for everyone.

The Firefly Vintage earbuds come in either black or bronze chrome, but their stunning colors aren’t the best part of these headphones. They come with dual microphones. If you are someone who only likes to use one headphone at a time, you want the ability to use them for hands-free calls, and unfortunately, not all earbuds come with 4 dedicated microphones. Both Firefly Vintage earbuds have individual microphones which will allow you to use them separately or in conjunction with each other as well as ENC noise cancellation to filter out busy streets or noisy houses during calls.

There are many other features to the Firefly Vintage earbuds that make them some of the best on the market.

Key Features

With touch and push button functions, you are able to control the volume of your sound as well as answer calls from either earbud with utility patented Hybrid Buttons. These headphones are also made out of comfortable silicone for long-term wear.

The battery life of the Firefly Vintage earbuds is unlike any other wireless earbuds. The wireless charging case holds up to 30 additional hours of charge while the earbuds alone hold up to 10 hours, giving you 40 hours of playtime.

Not only are these earbuds fabulous for working from home or answering calls, but there is also a gaming mode for mobile gaming sounds. Your gaming experience will escalate with gaming mode on the Firefly Vintage with strong and clear sounds.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

We all have earbuds, if not multiple pairs and we all are constantly searching for our favorites. The Firefly Vintage earbuds are more than just their looks, but is packed full of incredible technology that will make them the ideal earbuds for you.

Hayley Ianna
Hayley Ianna

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