Noise-canceling headphones that work to block out any background noise and offer vivid, dynamic sound for your listening pleasure – listen to music or white noise without being distracted by any other noise.

We all need to block out the noise sometimes. Whether we are trying to study, work, sleep, or listen to music, background noise – loud car horns, crying children, annoying flight attendants, can all get in our way. 

Anybody looking to block out the noise can benefit from the Cleer FLOW noise-canceling headphones. 

Cleer FLOW headphones offer a few things that competitors do not:

  • Optimized passive and active isolation, which helps suppress all ambient noise up to 30 decibels. 
  • Simple press the ambient button if you want to leave your headphones on, but tune into background noise, so you don’t miss your train stop.
  • Intuitive button controls make it easy to control the headphones

After reviewing these features, rest assured these headphones will meet all of your needs.

Buy a pair of Cleer FLOW hybrid noise-canceling headphones today and never worry again about background noise interrupting any task that you are working on!

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