Apple AirPods Max: The new definition for “Immersive Sound”

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Crisp, clear and anti-distortion sound the makings of every audiophile's dream. Want to drown out the world?

You got it.
Apple is known for reinventing the wheel with their various electronic devices and now they are looking to conquer the audio industry with the Airpods Max. Looking to take on dedicated audio companies like Bose and Sennheiser, the latest edition of Apple’s wireless headphones are stepping up to the plate in a serious way.

Designed for your comfort

There has been a lot of work put into redesigning the Apple AirPods Max to make the fit and design encompass and support the listening experience for the user.

To improve the covering around the ear, the cushions around each headphone are made from memory foam to improve comfort and add further insulation to filter out any distracting nearby sounds. Additionally, the ear cups are attached magnetically to make cleaning or replacing them super simple.

Alongside that, the external covers of each cup are made from aluminum and supported by flexible telescopic arms that adjust the pressure and fit around the ear to always maintain a strong fit to improve sound levels and filter out unwanted sounds.

There has also been thought gone into the multipurpose functions around certain features of the headphones as well. For example, aside from adjusting the volume, the crown on the side of the frame is a multifunctional tool that can be pressed or turned to skip tracks, answer incoming calls, or activate the Siri function.

Experience sound like never before

In enhancing the outright audio experience, the Apple AirPods Max has been completely reworked to offer a much fuller and more crisp sound on multiple levels.

Each headphone is powered internally by a 10-core H1 processor to improve connectivity with any Apple device and help power all the technology improved to boost the sound produced from each driver. This means you can switch to seamless pairing from your iPhone to your Macbook without missing a beat.

On top of that, the audio drivers have been redesigned to offer a wider frequency range to increase the different layers audible to the year, and the active noise cancellation technology included inside each headphone comfortably drowns out any distracting sounds. On days when you need to concentrate on working from home, the Airpods Max’s industry-leading noise cancellation feature will have your back. Alternatively, the Transparency mode is easy to activate when you wish to hear your surroundings too.

This pair of headphones kicks it up a notch with Adaptive EQ too. Apple has built-in microphones into the ear cups to analyze the sound delivery in real-time. This assists the Airpods Max to create a high-quality audio experience catered to you based on the fit of the cups over your ears.

Additionally, it takes movie-watching onto a whole other level. Configured with a spatial audio feature, this accurately simulates watching a movie in the cinema. If you’re a huge fan of surround sound during movies, this pair of headphones will not disappoint.

If using the headphones whilst on a call, each cushion has 8 small microphones built into each cup to pick up your voice clearly and remove any external sounds to ensure the receiver on the other end only hears you without any unwanted disruptions or feedback.

Efficient battery life to power through your workload

Apple’s Air Pod Max look set to last a long time without needing a charge with an estimated 20 hours of use without needing to be plugged in for a boost.

There has been extra effort put into sustaining the battery though with the device automatically able to go into a low-power mode whenever the headset is placed in its supporting Smart Case and automatically stops playback of whatever media you are viewing or listening to when they aren’t being worn.

Fast-charging technology has also been included like the headset with Apple estimating that just 5 minutes of charging can give the user at least 1.5 hours of battery life and ready it for short-term use.

Key Features

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Final Thoughts

Now that we’re all mostly working from home, a good gadget that helps us with blocking out distractions can really help make a productive day. The Apple Airpods Max impressed us with how much work they’ve put in to create the best audio experience for users. We are sure users will appreciate how much Apple has put the customer’s experience at the core of designing this Airpods line. With enhanced audio technology and multifunctional tools, Apple’s AirPods Max looks set to raise the benchmark when searching for the best wireless headphones around today!

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