Looking for a New Bluetooth Speaker This Christmas? The Anker Soundcore is the One for You!

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When it comes to wireless Bluetooth speakers, the Anker Soundcore is your one stop shop.

This speaker is perfect for someone on a budget as well as someone looking for incredible value. The Anker Soundcore provides impeccable battery life, strong build and durability, great sounding music and a low-price tag to go with it.

Anker Soundcore

Battery Life

The Anker Soundcore provides 24-hour playback time straight out of the box. I’ve owned this speaker since 2017 and I can’t fault it. Charging is something you’ll never have to worry about, personally I charge the speaker once every couple of months! I’ve only ever seen it fully run out of charge a handful of times in the last 5 years that I’ve had it. There are very few other speakers on the market that compete with the battery life at this price point.


The Anker Soundcore has a very sturdy build with a rubber protection around the outside of the speaker protecting it from drops. It features IPX-5 water resistance which protects from spilled drinks and rain, you’ll also be covered for using this speaker at the beach if any water drips onto it or leaving it on the sand for example, which I’ve found to be the case in my personal use.

Sound Quality

The Anker Soundcore provides exceptional sound quality with low bass and high treble. It also doesn’t get distorted at high volume, holding its clarity at max volume. A point to be made about the volume of the Anker Soundcore is that it doesn’t get very loud. If you’re using this speaker at a party or gathering of people talking, the music will sound more like a murmur in the background, something to keep in mind.


The price of the Anker Soundcore cannot be beaten, for $50 AUD you’re getting a speaker with impeccable battery life, portability, and durability as well as sound quality. Everything you need in a budget speaker. There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers for under $50 however, you’re paying for the reputation of Anker which is a great brand with great customer support. Buying a product online can be a bit of a gamble at times, Anker has a solid returns and warranty policy as well as being a reputable brand you can trust.

Key Features

Incredible battery life providing all day listening, literally, with 24-hour playback time.

Amazing value for money with a $50 price tag this speaker is sure to impress

The durability of this speaker is great, perfect for use at the beach. The Anker Soundcore will handle splashes and light amounts of sand with ease.


  • The Anker Soundcore is an older speaker meaning its Bluetooth capabilities are slightly limited compared to newer speakers that feature Bluetooth 5.0 or higher. The Anker Soundcore features Bluetooth 4.2 providing stable connection up to 66ft (20m) away.
  • The Anker Soundcore uses micro-usb as its charging input which limits the user if you don’t own any other micro-usb devices
  • Speaker isn’t loud at max volume, perfect for use in the shower but hard to hear in a crowd.

Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

The Anker Soundcore is a perfect speaker if you want to play some music at the beach, whilst having a shower or just in the background of whatever you’re doing. Unfortunately, the speaker doesn’t get super loud so don’t think this is going to cover you for a party. In terms of battery life, this speaker will blow you away with 24-hour playback time, which is outstanding for a speaker at this price point. My overall recommendation is that it’s a great product with great value however due to it being released over 5 years ago, it’s worthwhile to research the market.

Emmet Sheridan - Gadget User Writer
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