Nothing helps you get into the mood for a good workout than a killer playlist and the new Adidas RPT-01 Sport Headphones could be the perfect choice to listen to them through.

The Adidas RPT-01 Sport headphones are crafted for use in the gym with the entire device being both sweat and water resistant (IPX4 rating) to avoid any moisture damaging the headset.

Alongside that, the silicon headband is sturdy enough to stay in one place no matter what exercise you are doing whilst still being flexible to avoid snapping or breaking from excessive movement.

There are a host of features included with the Adidas RPT-01 Sport headphones to make it well-suited for use in the gym such as:

  • The volume settings are easily adjustable via a small dial and button behind the ear pads making everything manageable in one simple movement.
  • The entire device can be disassembled and easily cleaned to ensure it is always hygienic to wear with the ear cushions and headband suitable for hand washing.
  • The device works with the Adidas Headphones app which allows you to customise a host of settings such as specific sound modes and bass levels remotely before starting your workout.

With the focus on quality as well as hygiene, the Adidas RPT-01 Sport Headphones is the perfect device to have ready to help you pump some tunes whilst burning the calories.

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