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A century ago, we would have thought virtual reality meant 3D graphics or simulation games online. Today, it’s a vital component used in training simulations, cinemas, theme parks and online games. It’s definitely made the world more interesting!

But with more impressive VR gadgets entering the market each year, it’s getting harder to find the best VR headset, or best headset accessories, or best gadgets for PCs. Simple, advanced, or in-between, there’s a perfect VR experience for anyone out there. What are you looking for?

What devices can you play VR on?

There are many gaming devices and smartphones that are compatible with VR (virtual reality) technology. The best smartphones to play VR on are the Google Pixel 3 and 3XL are compatible with VR, as well as Samsung Galaxy phones from the Note 8 to the S10 devices. PlayStation also came out with a VR control system for gamers and it is compatible with the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 game consoles.

Are VR headsets bad for eyes?

There have been many questions as to how good or bad VR headsets are, especially when it comes to our eyes and how delicate they can be. Optometrists have said that when they can instruct parents and children on how to use the headsets correctly, the VR headsets can actually improve visual acuity and enhance hand-eye coordination. Other benefits to our eyes when it comes to VR headsets are an increase in depth perception and reaction times. Just like anything with a bright light shone into our eyes, VR headsets should also be used in moderation to prevent the damages that can come with high eye strain.