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What is the best spy gadget?

Some of the best spy gifts are one’s we have seen in our favorite spy films but modernized. You can purchase night vision binoculars that range at prices from the hundreds to the thousands, depending on your need, want, and budget. Drone’s are also great spy gadgets that you can get at varying prices and styles, some with and without cameras already hooked up, giving you a bird’s eye view from far away. Finally, a great addition to your smartphone is voice changing apps that make you feel like your favorite movie villain, recording yourself and changing the voice to distort pitch and tone. A very popular one is VoiceMod available for iOS and Android.

Are spy gadgets illegal?

Spy gadgets such as home security cameras are not illegal as they follow the laws of the state for your own personal at-home protection. Particular things you can do with spy equipment like illegally observing parties without consent, wiretapping, or recording phone calls without consent can make the act illegal, but the actual gadgets are not considered illegal. Before purchasing spy gadgets, it is recommended that you check the laws of your state before hitting buy now.

What is in a spy kit?

Typically purchased spy kits will include magnifying glasses, flashlights, and dusting tools for fingerprints. Others will include invisible ink pens and an LED light so you can see what has been written. Most kits to purchase are generally made for children in mind. But when you make your own spy kit, it can include anything from night vision glasses and walkie-talkies to drones and voice recording devices.