Have you had trouble finding the time to keep your house clean and tidy on a regular basis? Work and social lives getting extremely busy that you can’t keep up with the housework?

A solution has been found combining two incredible gadgets that can work simultaneously to give you a terrific clean. The iRobot i7+ and Braava M6 combined in a special bundle does just that.

Working together simultaneously is the best feature of these two gadgets. Using Imprint Link Technology, the iRobot i7+ will vacuum your floor, getting rid of small debris, dust and dirt off your floors, giving you a clean floor that you’d feel comfortable walking on. Afterwards, signals sent to the Braava M6 automatically wake it up, getting it ready to mop and clean up the stickier messes like grime and kitchen grease. Leaving your floors sparkling clean without you having to do any of the work.

While the two gadgets are synchronized for automatic cleaning, there are features to both gadgets that make them desirable for the home.

Key features of iRobot i7+ and Braava M6:

The iRobot i7+ holds up to 30 bins, making large times between worrying about cleaning your house. It is an automatic disposal system as well so it minimizes your worries. The i7+ also automatically recharges and resumes cleaning to also reduce stress.

With its high-efficiency filter, the i7+ catches up to 99% of allergens, pollen, and dust on the floor, making it perfect for pets.

The Braava M6 is able to clean multiple kinds of floor surfaces, from hardwood to tiles and stone. It allows you to feel comfortable with it moving on its own accord to clean your space.

The Imprint™ Smart Mapping system also allows the Braava M6 to learn the layout of your home so you can decide which rooms are cleaned and which aren’t, building Keep Out Zones to ensure only where you want to be cleaned is cleaned.

Put away that old mop and broom and invest in cleaning gadgets that are only going to increase the cleanliness of your home. The bundle of both the iRobot i7+ and the Braava M6 is an option that everyone should consider. 

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