In society today, it has never been easier to work from home eradicating the grinding commute to and from the office. A survey by software giant Atlassian estimated that 70% of Australians prefer working remotely as it gives a much more flexible schedule and better work/home life balance.

However, working from home has its challenges to overcome whether it is trying to motivate yourself in an environment rife with distractions or having your children around needing a careful watch every few minutes. Therefore, maximizing the most of your time is vital to efficiently manage your time whilst working from home. With that in mind, we’ve put our thinking caps on and found 8 gadgets that will help you save time and make the most from working remotely.

The Best Smart Home Office Gadgets

 1. Our Pick: Evodesk

Evodesk standing desk pro

Why People love it: A custom made desk that is designed to meet your needs and help you excel in your environment.

•  Easily adjustable
• Plenty of electronic slots
• Highly customizable

• Customer service response may vary depending on location
• Some finishes may not be waterproof


Having the right desk is vital for your needs and the EvoDesk is your very own customizable workspace designed exactly for your needs. The range has 4 different base structures to choose from (Electric 2, Pro Electric 4, Studio L Pro & Aviator L) and each has different perks designed to highlight different needs.

All Evodesk models feature a high legged steel frame to give added stability and support whilst the legs are spread evenly to give you plenty of legroom whilst sitting at the desk. Alongside this, the internal processors support a full array of ready-to-work features including wireless charging, dual-core processors, and USB-C/Freeport connections

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2. Premium Pick: Timeular Tracking Dice


Why People love it: A great and simple way of managing tasks and prioritizing your workday

• Simple to navigate between tasks
• Syncs seamlessly with smartphone apps
• Compatible with all major operating systems

• Manual corrections needed if errors occur
• Can take a while to learn how to use at 100% efficiency


If you’ve ever struggled with managing your schedule, then Timeular is here to make your life easier. This 8-sided dice tracks the time you need to complete a task giving you a physical representation of how you are doing. Everything can be managed on one face and it just takes one movement to move on to switching between tasks.

The partner app helps you collate all the information recorded on the die and manage timesheets to see how you have gone over multiple days. The platform works on all major systems such as Windows, Android, and macOS making it a great addition to any work environment.

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 3. Best Value: Blue Light Glasses by Warby Parker

Blue light glasses

Why People love it: Helps reduce eye strain and can fit onto any type of glasses

• Lightweight and easy to attach
• Helps reduce eye strains
• Wide range of styles to select from

• Eye exams may be needed to fully find the perfect pair
• 5 day test period may be affected by international shipping


Staring at a computer screen can hurt your eyes and even give you headaches but the Blue Light Glasses have been designed to stop just this problem. The lens filters are designed specifically to reduce the blue light generated from screens from reaching your retinas and easing the strain on your eyes.

The lens filter sits comfortably over the top of any normal pair of glasses or sunglasses and clips on via the top of the frames. They are compatible with a host of different styles of frames and are available without the need for a prescription. A five-day trial is also offered to see how it feels using the device making it a must-try for anyone struggling in front of their screen all day.

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4.   Gym Box


Why People love it: Contains everything you need for good workouts which can be set up and packed away in minutes

• Easy to set up in minutes
• Can be set-up in any living room
• Comes with full exercise and workout plan

• Only has the equipment needed for stationary workouts
• Some equipment pieces cost extra to be included in the set-up


A healthy mind only works in sync with a healthy body and that is what Gym Box is here to help you achieve. The entire gym is found in just one box and comes with 200lbs of bands, shoe straps, handles to help you keep in shape. There is also a special guide that contains over 160 different exercise routines you can try as well as an array of workout videos.

Anyone looking to push themselves a little further can spend a little more to receive straight and push-up bars as well as door anchors which can be utilized to push yourself to the absolute limit. Everything can also be packed away in the same book it is stored in making it an ideal way to stay fit without leaving the house.

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5.   Bluelounge Headphone Stand

Bluelounge Posto Universal Headphone Stand

Why People love it: A dedicated space to hold our headphones and easily blends into your work environment

• Easy to assemble
• Sturdy frame
• Rubber stand won’t damage headphones

• Installation required before use
• Available only in black or white


Your headphones are a vital tool for anyone working from home and now you can protect them from damage with their very own stand. The Bluelounge Headphone Stand has an aluminium frame and base allowing it to be a freestanding holder for your headphones.

The small base means it takes up very little space on your desk and can fit anywhere you need it to whether it is in the corner of the desk or directly next to your monitor. The rubber stand at the top of the frame is wide enough to hold each speaker separately without damaging the ear pads or the speakers itself.

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6.   LG Multi-Tasking Monitors

LG Multi-Tasking Monitors

Why People love it: High resolution and ability to work in up to 4 windows make this a life-saver for anyone juggling multiple tasks

• Can split the screen into 4 different windows
• Full IPS UHD display
• Multiple HDMI ports to add connectivity possibilities

• Large monitor size can take up large amounts of desk space
• Can be expensive compared to other monitors


Having the ability to manage more than one task at once may seem like a pipedream but LG has come up with the possibility to do just this. Their series of Multi-Task Monitors can allow you to operate up to 4 windows at any one time allowing you to take calls and work on documents at the same time. As a bonus, everything on the screen is brought to life thanks to an IPS anti-glare screen that supports media in full 4K UHD.

It also has multiple USB and HDMI ports to enable you to connect other peripherals and devices should you need anything to help you get the job done.  With all this and more, you will never have to worry about picking between tasks ever again!

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7.   HMM Ballpoint Pen

HMM Ballpoint

Why People love it: Ergonomic and easy to use for hours at a time

• Light and easy to use
• Aluminium body easy to hold whilst writing
• Refillable cartridges guarantee durability

• Ballpoint style may not suit some users


If you need to have a trusty companion to jot notes with, then HMM’s ballpoint pen will be right up your alley. This stationery piece is light and nimble to hold weighing at just 22g and glides across the page when writing. Its polished aluminium casing looks the part and is easy to hold for long periods without irritating your hands.

It is a piece that can be used time and time again as it takes refillable Schmidt ink cartridges making this something you can use for years if necessary. By truly blending substance with style, this is a must-have accessory for any home working space.

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8.   Eteria Air Purifier


Why People love it: Provides fresh air from the comfort of your desk and works in multiple locations

• Silent when operating
• Can work in multiple rooms
• Filterless and easy to maintain

• Unproven in mass production
• Possible shipping delays


Having a healthy work environment almost always boost work productivity and the Eteria Air Purifier brings this straight to your home. This filterless smart air purification system can measure temperature, humidity and CO2 levels to activate itself and remove stale air from the room.

The purifiers can be placed in multiple rooms and linked to a central hub which can then monitor and activate the system based on readings throughout the house. The entire process is silent meaning that you won’t hear any droning or humming sounds faintly distracting you in the background. With the ability to be managed from your smartphone and sync with Smart home systems such as Alexa, this is a gadget that will always help you keep a clear head!

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By adding these gadgets to your remote working space, you will be able to increase your productivity and time management skills almost instantaneously. Whether it is staying sharp both mentally or physically as well as having all the right tools to get the job done, these gadgets will always ensure that you pick your home over the office for the 9-5 shift.

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