Minimize your risk of skin cancer with the NOTA Mole Tracker

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Concerned with the health of your skin?

Save yourself hundreds of dollars and hours spent in the dermatologist’s office with the new NOTA skin cancer detector from Artes Electronics.

Developed in collaboration with medical experts and skin health professionals from around the world, this groundbreaking mole tracker helps you scan and detect melanoma from the comfort of your own home — no appointment needed.

How does it work?

How Does Nota Mole Tracker Work

The NOTA uses hypersensitive electrodes to spot potentially cancerous moles in as little as 20 seconds, without waiting to see your dermatologist.

It does this by running your skin’s bioelectric signals through an AI-powered algorithm, which quickly identifies the smallest changes in your moles.

The device’s super-compact design also means you can monitor your moles on-the-spot wherever you are, even while you’re on vacation.

Keep everyone in the family safe with the connected app, which provides historical mole mapping and monitoring for multiple individual profiles.

Years of research and testing have gone into making this device as safe and simple-to-use as possible. So everyone from tiny toddlers to seniors and soon-to-be mothers can use the NOTA tracker worry-free.

But unlike other mole-tracking apps, the NOTA stands out with its advanced tracking device, which delivers accurate and non-invasive results almost instantly. See for yourself how the NOTA stacks up with the competition:

NOTA Comparison Chart

Instead of relying on images taken with your camera or waiting to have your results verified by a live dermatologist, the NOTA tracker lets you check up on any of your moles at a moment’s notice.

That means you can stop worrying about melanoma, and start feeling confident about your skin health at all times.

And while every mole-tracking app offers its own unique method for helping you monitor changes in your skin, the NOTA is one of the few services that incorporates FDA-approved technology to examine your moles.

In fact, the NOTA is based on the same bioimpedance analysis technique that smartwatches and fitness trackers use to keep an eye on your physical health.

Nota Mole Tracker and Mobile App

Another unique feature of the NOTA tracker is the Artes Union app. Made especially for people battling skin cancer, this app provides one-on-one live chat support with one of NOTA’s Skin Cancer Warriors and gives you access to a sprawling skin cancer community. It’s also completely free and available for both Android and iPhone users. So wherever you go, there’s always someone who understands what you’re going through.

The best part is that the NOTA tracker literally pays for itself in the long run by saving you multiple trips to your dermatologist. And whereas similar skin cancer detection services charge you on a per-use or monthly subscription basis, the NOTA gives you unlimited and continued monitoring for your moles with a single, one-time purchase. Because keeping your skin health in check shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

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Our Final Opinion on this Gadget

Compared with other mole-tracking apps out there, it’s easy to see why the NOTA offers faster and more reliable skin cancer detection capabilities.

Between the bioimpedance technology and the machine learning algorithm, the NOTA knows exactly what to look for when it’s scanning your moles. So you can catch skin cancer early on before it turns deadly.

Stop letting your melanoma worries put your life on hold. Get the NOTA mole tracker today and gain full peace of mind over your everyday well-being.

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