Have you ever wanted to bring your outside garden inside? Or maybe you live in a high rise apartment and have nowhere to garden outside but still want fresh salads and herbs?

Look no further than Rise Gardens Personal Rise Garden. With your own tabletop garden, you are ready to go with your own gardening at home. 

The best part about this personal garden, is that it is both Wi-Fi enabled and app controlled. It makes growing your herbs and salads easy and leaves you completely worry free. The companion Rise Gardens app lets you know when your garden needs to be watered, when the lights need to be altered and track the progress of growth on your plants to know when best to harvest.

Key features of Personal Rise Garden:

It can be shifted and moved around your home to the safest place possible.

You can grow up to 12 plants at max capacity out of the Personal Rise Garden, it is suggested that you place only 8 for adequate space to grow your herbs and salads.

The 1 gallon sized watering system keeps plants watered and oxygenated for nearly one whole week, meaning you can leave your plants be and not worry about checking them all day every day.

If you are a plant lover or you enjoy fresh herbs for your favourite meals, the Personal Rise Garden is a great option for your kitchen and home.

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