As time goes by, our parents are growing older and become more and more dependent on others for care and support. Fortunately, modern technologies now allow them to keep their independence and self-confidence for longer.

The thirteen gadgets reviewed below have been developed to make the life of our loved ones easier in several different ways – from facilitating the communication with their mates and relatives to helping them send out a distress signal in case of a medical emergency.

1. Our Pick: SPACETALK Life


Why People love it: Helps elderly individuals keep in touch with their families.

• Combines a wristwatch, a GPS tracker, and a mobile phone in a single device
• Gives elderly users extra confidence and freedom
• Express delivery
• Independence gives elders users extra confidence
• 30-day satisfaction guarantee

• Requires a mobile data plan subscription
• Rather expensive
• The warranty is only 12 months


SPACETALK Life is a three-in-one smart device that is specially designed for elderly users to help them keep in contact with family and friends. SPACETALK Life combines a mobile phone, a wristwatch, and a GPS tracker to give its wearer extra confidence and freedom. SPACETALK Life requires a mobile plan with a subscription for the AllMyTribe app.  

With the SOS Alert button, you can quickly dial your doctor, wife, or the local emergency number, if need arises. With SpaceTalk’s multiple reminders, you can rest assured you’ll never miss a family gathering or your next pill or shot again. The in-built step counter tracks how many steps you’ve made per day because your heart loves long walks.

Elderly people are sometimes overcome by fits of inexplicable anxiety, but with the Location by Request function, they can view where their family members are at any time. SPACETALK Life is Bluetooth-enabled and can detect and pair with hearing devices, earphones, as well as your automobile’s audio system.

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2. Premium Pick: Hero Medication Dispenser

Hero Medication Dispenser

Why People love it: Eliminates the stress of having to remember complex medication schedules.

• Supports any pill size or shape
• Holds up to 10 different pills at one time
• Comes with a 30-day risk-free trial

• Users have to pay a monthly fee
• Does not work with half pills
• Requires an Internet connection and a mobile device


Hero is the smartest electronic medication manager you’ve ever seen! It will take the stress of pill sorting and following complex medication schedules out of your life. Just plug it in, switch it on, and let it connect to your home’s wi-fi network and discover your mobile device.

The setup process is intuitive and should not take longer than 20 minutes. Enter your pills’ names and the combinations you take them in during the day, and leave the sorting and dispensing on Hero. You can load your 90-day supply of up to ten different pills into the robot.

When the time for your next dose comes, it will automatically dispense the exact number of pills in the exact combination as per the loaded schedule. Then, it will start beeping and blinking to remind you that it’s time to take your medication. If there’s no result, it’ll send a reminder to your mobile phone, and one to your caregiver’s.

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3. Best Value: eufy BoostIQ RoboVac

eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S

Why People love it: Makes the housework a bit more fun.

• Slim design to get under coffee tables and couches
• Quiet operation
• Great suction power
• Energy efficient

• The drop sensors can be improved
• Tends to bump into dark objects
• Sucks in carpet lips and gets stuck


Old-style vacuum cleaners are bulky, noisy, and heavy. When you’re young and strong, using one of these roaring torpedo-like monsters might be boring, but as years go by, it can also become dangerous. Luckily, eufy has designed their BoostIQ RoboVac to make floor cleaning less challenging for the elderly.

It is only 2.85 inches high and easily gets under a standard coffee table to clean hardwood and laminated floors, as well as medium-thick carpets. BoostIQ RoboVac generates suction power of 1300Pa. It can automatically sense fur and dirt buildups and generate extra suction power within just 1.5 seconds thanks to the BoostIQ technology.

Weighing in at just 5.73 pounds, BoostIQ RoboVac can accompany you on your family vacations to ensure that your hotel room’s floor is always spotlessly clean. Its sensors prevent it from falling off stairs or bumping into furniture. This vacuum cleaning robot is several times quieter than most of its peers and its rechargeable battery provides 45-100 min of cleaning time depending on the surface.

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4. Ring Alarm Panic Button

Panic Button

Why People love it: Provides elderly people with an extra touch of security.

• Easy setup
• 3 years battery life
• Wall-mounted or portable
• Affordable price

• The distress call is first handled by Ring instead of the police
• The siren is pretty loud and can cause extra panic
• Bulky design


This panic button is the latest addition to Ring’s comprehensive home security system. It provides senior citizens living alone in big houses with an extra touch of security. They can fix it on the wall without the help of a qualified professional, or place it on their bedside table.

The panic button is available to subscribers of Ring’s 24/7 professional monitoring service. As soon as you press the button, their operator will call you and send help. Some users say that this protocol only delays the contact with the law enforcers, suggesting that the signal should be immediately forwarded to the nearest police station.

As soon as you press it, the panic button starts wailing loudly for over 2 minutes. This has a good side and a bad side. The good thing about it is that the loud sound may chase burglars away, but the bad thing is that it can also give out the user’s whereabouts. The device runs on replaceable batteries within 250 feet from the base station.

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5. Ring Video Doorbell

Video Doorbell

Why People love it: Allows elderly individuals to see and hear who’s at their doorstep.

• Sends real-time visitors’ alert to your mobile device
• Adjustable motion zones
• 1080p HD image quality

• You need an active subscription to answer door rings in real-time
• Relatively high retail price
• Bright sunlight makes the image indiscernible


More and more elderly people get attacked by strangers in their homes every year. In most cases, the victims have voluntarily opened the door to their attackers. Ring’s second-generation smart video doorbell vows to put an end to this vicious practice. 

With this smart device, elderly people can turn their living room or bedroom into a command center and keep an eye on their home’s entrance door in real-time. With the help of a standard wi-fi Internet connection, they’ll be able to see and speak to visitors before opening the door.

Ring’s 2nd Gen Smart Doorbell can send crystal clear HD images to the display of your smartphone or tablet even if you are miles away from home. Even if the visitor does not press the doorbell, the adjustable motion sensors will detect their presence and alert you.  Against a small subscription fee, all of your videos are stored in the cloud for up to 60 days. So, you can download, review, and share them with other people if you need to.

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6. Memo Box 7 Day


Why People love it: It makes sure you never leave home with your pills behind.

• Costs less than $20
• Double dose warning
• The ping-to-locate function lets you quickly find your pills

• Difficult to use by seniors with poor eyesight
• The tiny compartment doors start to get loose over time
• The pill organizer’s silicone base gets flimsy in hot weather


This is a set of seven small pillboxes, each with four different compartments.  Each box stores up to four different pill combinations for every day of the week. The seven smart pillboxes are held together on a silicone base.

Once every month you’ll have to carry out the tedious task of charging each box separately because TinyLogics have include only one charger in the start-up package. Users say they should have included a docking station that can charge all seven boxes simultaneously.

When the time comes for your next intake of pills, the respective box starts beeping and blinking to attract the user’s attention. If there’s no reaction, the smart box sends an alert to the user’s smartphone. The best feature of this pill organizer is that it prevents double dose intake. If you can’t find any of the seven boxes, just ping it with your mobile and follow the beeping sound

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7. Elite Smart Pillbox


Why People love it: Let’s elderly people worry less about their pills and socialize more.

• Has got seven different compartments for every day of the week.
• Shows how many pills you have to take from each compartment and when
• Easily connect with your mobile device via Bluetooth

• Pills are sorted manually, not automatically
• User can’t swap compartments in the app
• Users have reported issues with the account verification email


Elliegrid is a small company with fantastic customer support. Its founder, Regina, suffered a brain stroke and needed to go through a long and painful recovery that included taking dozens of different pills every day.

The traditional pillboxes were of little help, so she designed one that organizes pills by type instead of intake time. This means that you can load up to seven different types of pills into the box’s compartments. Then, just enter the intake times and pill combinations into the app and follow the lights.

For example, if you have to take two pills from compartment 1 and three pills from compartment 4 at 8 o’clock, you’ll see the respective number of light dots on each compartment at the specified time and hear an alarm. There’s also a paid app that allows you to access reports from previous days for just $2 a week.

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8. MobileElite Emergency Response System


Why People love it:  With the Fall-Detect function, elderly users can get emergency aid even if they suddenly pass out.

• 24/7 monitoring service
• Lightweight and compact
• Comes with a practical carrying case

• Not waterproof
• Subscription to the 365Access app is required
• The device sends out a distress signal if not handled gently


This two-in-one GPS tracker and communication device can be worn as a wristwatch or a pendant. Its primary function is to send out a distress signal if the wearer needs emergency aid. The fall-detect function ensures that help will arrive even if the user suddenly loses consciousness. However, it will add $10 to your subscription, which starts at $32 per month. The 365Access mobile app lets your loved ones track your movement. It costs another $8 per month.  

Some users say the function is too sensitive and sends out an SOS signal whenever you drop the device or toss it on the kitchen table. The device must not get in contact with water, but the pendant case it comes with is 100% waterproof.

In case of emergency, just press the Help button and the device will connect you to MedicalAlert’s emergency response specialist. Depending on the situation, they’ll get you the kind of assistance you need or contact a family member.

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9. Flipper Big Button Remote

 Flipper Big Button Remote

Why People love it: With shaky hands and poor eyesight, you can still enjoy the pleasure of channel-hopping.

• Rugged, shock-resistant design
• Easy and intuitive setup
• Recognized by most TV sets on the market

• If your set-top box is made in Europe, you’ve got to use the Infrared Pairing Function
• Flipper provides a limited number of codes for some cable TV operators
• Flipper’s customer service isn’t very helpful 


Flipper has designed this big-buttoned remote control to help senior citizens with poor eyesight, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or dementia remain in control of their TV for longer. It’s got only six buttons. There’s one large round button for On and Off. 

Below that, there are two square blue buttons for channel-hopping and two orange buttons below that for turning the volume up or down. The Mute button is very small, probably because it is going to be used only sparingly. 

Some users say they’d rather the volume and the channel buttons were located below rather than next to each other. With the Customize Your Content function, elderly viewers can easily select their favorite channels and eliminate the ones they never watch. 

With the Lock function, they can easily save their preferences. If you want the my-tv-isn’t-working calls to stop, buy your elderly parents or in-laws one of these super simple and sturdy remote controls. The initial set up takes less than 30 minutes.

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10. Kohm CP-900 Toenail Clippers

Kohm CP-900 Toenail Clippers

Why People love it: Because they help elderly people get rid of their thick, ingrown, or deformed toenails.

• Made of stainless steel
• Easy to clean and sanitize
• The rubber-coated grips provide extra control on the nippers

• These nail clippers cannot be sanitized in an autoclave
• Blades are extremely sharp and must not be used by individuals with Parkinson’s-like conditions


Kohm has designed these deluxe nail nippers as an upgrade of their CP-700 model. These heavy-duty nail clippers can help elderly individuals cope with their thick, hard, and ingrown toenails. In most cases, aggressive toenail growth in seniors is caused by diabetes-related conditions.

The rubber-coated grips give the user extra control on the extremely sharp blades. Yet, this nail clipper must not be used by individuals with Parkinson’s-like conditions. When clipping the nail of your big toe, never try to clip the whole thing with a single cut, even if the one-inch-wide jaws allow it.

Instead, try to clip small sections of the nail at a time, keeping its original shape. In this way, you will keep the nail bed healthy and intact. Before clipping your nails, soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes to prevent splitting. After each use, wipe the clippers’ stainless-steel surface with some alcohol.

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11. Clear DIY Back Housing for Wahl Cordless Senior Clipper

Clear DIY Back Housing

Why People love it: Because it allows users to customize their Wahl 5-Star Series Cordless Senior Clipper according to their personal preferences.

• Makes your hair clipper unique and stylish
• Designed to last forever
• Protects your device from dust and debris

• Does not fit the Wahl magic clipper
• Users have shared hairs somehow get under the cover


As we grow older, our hair tends to become more and more unruly and aggressive. At the same time, going to the nearest barbershop seems like half a day’s trip. That’s why many elderly men use a clipper like Wahl 5-Star Series 8504 to keep their hairdo in check.

 The original back cover of your hair clipper may wear off over time, and that’s where AFANSO’s stylish back housing comes to the rescue. The housing replacement process requires a bit of patience and dexterity.

In the package, you’ll find a screwdriver and two plastic pads. Use a cross screwdriver to unscrew the original cover’s screws. Then, use a standard screwdriver to carefully pry the back covers off. The plastic pads are there to help you avoid scratching the metal surface. Once the original cover comes off, don’t forget to disassemble the LED cap and install it on the new back housing.

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12. Manual Pill Grinder

Pill Grinder

Why People love it: Because it helps individuals with throat or esophagus problems take their pills without an effort.

• Takes in any size pills
• The long handle delivers extra crushing power
• Compact, travel-friendly design

• Not suitable for vet-prescribed pills
• Small particles may get stuck in the grinding mechanism


Many senior citizens have difficulties swilling their daily medication. They take in copious amounts of water just to help the pills go through. As a result, their urinary tract gets stressed out. MEDca manual pill grinder can provide a solution to their problems.

The pill mill’s strong ceramic burr allows you to crush multiple pills and tablets at a time, while the long foldable handle adds extra crushing power. Once the pills are powderized, you can easily mix the powder up with food, jam or whatever may help the medicine go down.

The mill has got a solid, stainless-steel body, a transparent removable canister, and a twist-off lid. All parts are made of medical-grade materials and are easy to clean. And because the handle is foldable, the grinder does not occupy much space in your suitcase or travel bag.

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13. BodyMoves 2 Finger Splints

BodyMoves 2 Finger Splints Plus 2

Why People love it: Because they are minimalist and flexible, and do not limit finger movement as much as the Velcro-closed splints.

• Flexible enough to allow the wearer to keep up with their daily routine
• Comes with two sleeves for Trigger Finger and Mallet Finger
• The set also includes a broken finger brace

• One size does not fit all hands
• The splints are rather difficult to put on


This set of finger splints and sleeves is specifically designed for elderly individuals with Rheumatoid arthritis, as it stabilizes the finger joints and reduces swelling. Thus, our beloved grandparents can confidently go about their daily routine as usual.

 The sleeves also help alleviate pain in conditions known as “Trigger Finger” and “Mallet Finger”. Unfortunately, the set comes in only one size, which means that the sleeves and splints can be too long for female users with small or medium hands.

In case the finger is broken, you should wear the splints, not the sleeves. The splints are best worn at night, as each has a built-in support bar made of medical-grade aluminum However, they appear to be less therapeutic than the Velcro-closed ones.

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We’ve selected these thirteen premium products for elderly people to help them cope with some of the most common problems that come with ripe old age. The smart pills boxes and the emergency aid devices may require a reasonable break-in period, but it’s definitely worth the time and effort. Should you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to us!