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Top 6 White Noise Machines for Sleeping Peacefully

There are many of us that struggle to relax and sleep. There are different apps to help us sleep, different how-to guides online to give us recommendations of how to sleep better, and many of them you will find recommend adding a white noise machine to your bedroom. But which one? There are so many to choose from, and we will go through the top 6 of the white noise machines you can go and get today.

Best White Noise Machines

1. Our Pick: SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine

Gadget User Rating 5

Do you struggle to have a good night’s sleep? Maybe you find that sleeping with a light sound is desirable for you? It is suggested that you look into a white noise machine to help relax you throughout your night’s sleep, and the SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine is a fabulous option for travelers in need of a good night’s sleep. 

Yes, that is correct, this noise machine is perfect for travelers. With an additional purchase you can pick up the carry-case that fits the SNOOZ perfectly, but it can also be taken with you without the case. Being small and light enough to travel with you, you can keep your white noise with you to help you sleep. Only weighing 1.1lbs it won’t bulk your suitcase and you can take your peaceful night’s sleep with you. 

There are many other benefits to picking the SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine for your best night of sleep; 

  • You can control your white noise machine from your phone easily with the connected app. The app can control when your machine turns on and off with timers, as well as volume control right from your bed.
  • If you prefer to manually adjust the tone, you don’t need to search for a button on the side or on top, the outer shell of the SNOOZ twists to adjust the tone. The volume at which the fan runs is adjusted with buttons on top. 
  • With a real fan on the inside of the SNOOZ, the noise isn’t one of the annoying looping fans, but a continuous sound to ensure a good night’s rest. 

The SNOOZ White Noise Sound Machine is a great addition to the bedroom to help you relax and sleep at night, ensuring the best form of relaxation possible. 

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Travel-friendly for easy sleep wherever you are


  • Adjustable sounds with volume control
  • Companion applications for both iOS and Android
  • Lightweight


  • No travel case with purchase

2. Premium Pick: Hatch Restore Sound Machine

Gadget User Rating 5

Have you been looking for a fancier alarm clock? Maybe you want a single device that integrates many different devices. For many people, white noise machines aren’t the first go-to when trying to sleep sounder and wake up well, but when looking at the Hatch Restore, for some there are no other options. 

The Hatch Restore is your fancy alarm clock and white noise machine that you’ve been looking for. It isn’t only white noise that the Hatch Restore gives you during the night, but sleep stories, mediations, and more. With the purchase of the Hatch Restore, you can also gain access to the Premium subscription of Hatch, which is constantly updating with more soundscapes for all those wanting a calm night’s sleep. 

The Hatch Restore isn’t only good for white noise and sleep-inducing sounds, but there are many other features and benefits to this particular machine; 

  • You can personalize a sleep-wake routine within the Hatch Restore to help you get relaxed for bed and wake up naturally to increase the benefits of a sleep schedule. 
  • As this white noise machine is also a Sunrise Alarm Clock, you can change the color you wake up to help ease your eyes to the light, but also help lull you to sleep with soft blues. 
  • The Hatch Restore can be controlled by your phone via the iOS and Android application, therefore to adjust any settings you don’t have to leave your bed to do so. 

If you want an upgraded alarm clock or maybe an all-in-one white noise machine, the Hatch Restore is a great investment for both you and your sleep schedule.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

More than just a sound machine


  • Integrated alarm clock
  • Controls on both smartphones and with touch


  • Expensive

3. Best Value: Dohm® Classic Natural Sound Machine

Gadget User Rating 5

Are you looking to try a white noise machine to trial safely and risk-free? Many of us want to invest in different ways to sleep, and trialing new products, and spending way too much to try and achieve this. However, with the Dohm® Classic Natural Sound Machine by YogaSleep, you can trial a good night’s sleep while not breaking the bank. 

Retailing at an affordable $44.95 and also having a 101-night sleep trial policy, you can rest completely risk-free. During the risk-free trial, you can relax at night to simple soothing sounds of rushing air, without the use of a large industrial fan. White noise machines can start to reach sky-high prices with all the additional features that push them above and beyond with different technologies, however, the Dohm® Classic produces the sounds we all find in other machines for a fraction of the price.  

There are many other features to the Dohm® Classic that make it the perfect generic model for white noise machines; 

  • Being a compact and small style, you can move and take the white noise machine around in your bedroom while finding the perfect spot for it at night. It is also available in many different colors, making it the perfect size and style for your decor. 
  • You are able to adjust both the tone and volume of the white noise machine, giving you customizability to the sounds produced from the machine. 
  • Being easily plugged into a power outlet and an easy turn-on/off button, the Dohm® Classic White Noise Machine is easy to set up and even easier to use. 

If you are searching for a new classically designed white noise machine, or you want to trial an easy-to-use white noise machine, this one by YogaSleep is perfect for you and your needs.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Adjustable tone and volume in a compact design


  • Many color options to fit your decor
  • Not fit for international travelers


  • Cost-efficient

4. SoundSpa® Ultra Portable Rechargeable Sound Machine

Gadget User Rating 5

Have you been looking for a sound machine that has different sound options to help you sleep? Many white noise or sound machines only have adjustability within tone and volume of the fan, however, with the SoundSpa® Ultra-Portable Rechargeable Sound Machine, there are many more options for you and your sleep. 

The SoundSpa® has up to 12 different soothing sounds for you. From fan sounds to white noise that you typically find out of sound machines, you have options galore. If you sleep better to thunderstorms or rainforest sounds you will even get options for you, as well as others who sleep better to the sounds of campfires. There is an option for practically anyone and everyone. You will never get bored with the different sounds that you can fall asleep to. 

There are many other benefits to the SoundSpa® other than the different sounds available for you;

  • The SoundSpa® is rechargeable, rather than battery or cord operated. While it only runs for 12 hours, many of us don’t sleep that long, however, you will need to charge it daily for your nightly use. The rechargeability makes it extremely portable too. 
  • To also look into the SoundSpa’s® portability, the size is compact and convenient so you can travel with it, rather than leaving it at home when you travel. 
  • If you struggle with tinnitus or have difficulty concentrating, the SoundSpa® doesn’t have to be used only at night to help you sleep, adjusting the sounds can help you drown out background noise to assist you with concentration. 

It can be difficult sometimes to sleep to white noise but machines’s have been proven to help us sleep but the sound of a fan isn’t desirable for everyone. The SoundSpa® gives you flexibility and customizability with your sound machine to help you relax, concentrate and sleep.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

A rechargeable sound machine for constant sleep


  • Rechargeable battery
  • Runs for only 12 hours


  • 12 different sounds to chose from

5. Soundscene Sound Machine with Light Projector

Gadget User Rating 5

Do you have a little one who keeps fighting sleep? Maybe the noises around can’t be drowned out and your youngster just struggles to sleep. There is no need to fret any longer as Yogasleep has created the Soundscene Sound Machine with an in-built light projector made specifically to help kids sleep. 

Kids can get scared in the dark, or they may struggle to sleep in complete silence and the Soundscene kills two birds with one stone. The night sky projector produces beautiful constellations on the ceiling of your child’s room, with three different colors to choose from as well as the projection itself is customizable. This calming projection alone can help your child sleep as their fear of the dark disappears with this turtle-shaped nightlight. 

There are many other benefits to the Soundscene aside from the night-light feature that make this beneficial to your child; 

  • Many sound machines go all through the night, however, babies and young children don’t always sleep for long hours of the night, sometimes they nap. The Soundscene has a 45m, 90m, and 8-hour timer so you can modify it to your child’s sleep pattern. 
  • Making not only the classic Yogasleep white noise but there are also up to 20 curated sounds which include womb sounds and lullabies as well as white noise and nature sounds to help lull your baby to sleep. 
  • If your kid is scared of the dark but doesn’t like light on the ceiling, the turtle’s belly also casts a soft glow similar to a night light to help your kids feel safe at night. 

White noise machines are generally marketed towards adults however they can also be beneficial to kids and the Soundscene Sound Machine is ideal for children who need a little bit of help at night.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

A decor styled white noise machine


  • Built and made with kids in mind
  • Fitted with a light projector


  • Not as efficient as an adult white noise machine

6. Sleep+Sound High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine & LectroFan

Do you love the idea of both a white noise machine and a sound machine but would prefer it being in separate machines? From Adaptive Sound Technologies, you can purchase both the Sleep+Sound machines, one being a fabulous sleep sound machine and the other being the LectroFan specified for white noise. 

With both machines working on different sounds, you can ensure that you will get the most out of your money. Not only will you have access to over 20 different sounds you will also have access to a white noise machine. Setting both machines together doesn’t look out of place, as they are both designed with a sleek black finish that compliments any room. 

There are many other benefits to picking up both the Sound+Sleep and LextroFan to help relax you both during the day and at night; 

  • The Sound+Sleep machine produces up to 30 different sounds for both relaxation and sleep, from rain to a crackling fire, you can find any sound to help relax you. 
  • The Sound+Sleep machine gives you four sleep timers to help soothe you to bed. Be it 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes, you can have your sound machine slowly reduce the volume to help you drift off to sleep. 
  • The LectroFan machine provides you with ten different fan sounds as well as ten different ambient noises, giving you a soft gentle white noise in the background of your day or night. 

With many different white noise machines on the market, getting two separate machines to keep you relaxed and lulled smoothly to sleep with both the Sound+Sleep and the LectroFan, just might be what you are after.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Two products that will help relax you at all times of the day


  • Separated machines for different uses
  • Sleek and stylish design for all decor styles


  • A white noise machine is a separate purchase

Is A White Noise Machine Worth It?

Looking through all the different machines on the market, there are many that give you just fan white noises, others give you the sounds of the Earth to help you relax and sleep. All of these white noise machines are fabulous in their own unique ways, definitely giving customers different experiences and features with each individual one.

There are many different factors to take into account when purchasing a white noise machine. Aside from color, size and price, there are other factors that you should think about when picking the perfect one for you. 


If you are a traveler, you are going to want to pick a white noise machine that will move around with you, whether it is from state to state, or just to another house. Picking a smaller white noise machine might be the perfect choice for you. For the best portability, the SNOOZ is highly recommended. 


White noise machines don’t always only have fans and ambient noises for you to fall asleep to. There are machines like the SoundSpa® that produce spa and nature noises or the Hatch Restore that also produces sleep stories. Maybe you prefer just white noise, and if that is you, any of these choices would be perfect, but if you want options, only a limited amount have other sounds available.


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