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Best Strom Glass

6 Ornamental Storm Glasses for Predicting Weather in 2021

Wanna up your workdesk game? Add sophistication to your desk aesthetic with something that’s been around for almost two centuries — a storm glass! For a long time, people of the past resorted to this weather predicting apparatus for the day’s forecast. Just let the storm glass sit pretty, and let the liquids inside it do the magic. To this day, it still baffles scientists how this is even possible. Want a little touch of pizzazz and mystery? Well, check out our favourite picks of storm glasses you should totally get.

Best Storm Glass To Consider Getting For Yourself

1. Our Pick: AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer with Glass Globe Barometer

Gadget User Rating 5

See the world as Galileo saw it with this gorgeous two-piece. A stunning slender-glass piece with buoyant and colourful bulbs will certainly be a conversation piece. Additionally, it’s accompanied by a glass barometer shaped as a globe. Take a break from working and partake in an arts & craft session by filling the globe with distilled water and food colouring!

You might have to drop by the shops to get yourself some, and while you’re there, get some adhesive too. To avoid accidentally knocking the two glass pieces, you can easily use glue, tape or sticky-tack to keep them in place.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Simple to Understand | Sophisticated | Attention-Grabbing | Vintage Design


  • Comes with a Galileo Thermometer with bulbs
  • Five different coloured bulbs
  • Each bulb has metal tags to indicate temperature


  • Both storm glass and galileo thermometer not fixed on wooden plaque, have to purchase your own adhesive to prevent toppling
  • Need to purchase food colouring to fill the storm glass

2. Premium Pick: Eon Concepts Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Gadget User Rating 5

This tear-shaped storm glass is sealed at the top and made of very thick glass. Balance it atop its wooden platform for that timeless elegance. The platform only comes in a light-wooden finish, but can produce one heck of a light show. It comes with a built-in LED device to amp up the fun, and also has different speeds you can choose.

However, it is important to note that this weather predictor may take a couple of days to get used to your home, so don’t be disheartened if it doesn’t seem to respond to the weather immediately. Additionally, you can pick from three different sizes to accommodate to your liking. If you’d like to gift this to a loved one, the package comes with a handy gift box too!

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Durable | Colourful | Sleek Design


  • Comes with a wooden base that emits colourful LED lights
  • Varying light speed settings S (6cm x 13cm) , M (8cm x 18cm), L (9cm x 20cm) sizes available
  • LED base is rechargeable


  • Takes a couple of days to acclimate to its surroundings

3. Best Value: Fitzroy Storm Glass

Gadget User Rating 5

Named after the famous meteorologist pioneer Vice-Admiral Robert Fitzroy in the 19th Century, this minimalistic storm glass is the perfect ice-breaker at any house party. Its classic design is also reminiscent of the original glass barometers that Vice-Admiral Fitzroy invented, which makes it an excellent token from history. Upon opening the package, you will have to “reset” the apparatus according to the instructions provided to ensure that it works as advertised.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Classic Design | Minimalistic | Budget-Friendly | Great for History Buffs


  • Safe for indoor and outdoor use
  • Glass is hand-crafted
  • Comes with a manual
  • Shape is inspired by original 19th Century design


  • Needs to be reset before use

4. CAVALLO MERCANTILE Large Storm Glass Weather Predictor

Gadget User Rating 5

Looking for minimalistic elegance that produces fairly accurate weather forecasts? CAVALLO MERCANTILE will not let you down. Choose between three sizes available — the small-sized version is perfect for desktops while the larger-sized ones are great for ornamental pieces on shelves. Plus, you can skip buying the wrapping paper, it comes with a gift box. If you’ve hit a wall during gift-shopping, maybe give this classy storm glass a go.

It’s super easy to assemble and no plug-ins needed! Sounds like the makings of a potential gift. We highly recommend placing at an area that is out-of-reach from children or pets as this weather glass is not secured to the wooden base and is extremely fragile.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Elegant & Modern Design | Great Unique Gift | Prime Materials

Product Specification

Sizes availableSmall (10.8cm x 12.1cm), Medium (10.8cm x 17.8cm), Large (10.8cm x 21.59cm)


  • Comes with black wooden platform
  • Classic teardrop shape


  • Need to apply adhesive to secure glass onto platform if desired

5. Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass

Gadget User Rating 5

Unlike most designs of storm glasses, the Kikkerland ST71 breaks the mould with a spherical top. It basically looks like an overturned test tube — giving it a very subtle and minimalist look. According to manufacturers, this is an updated version of a barometer the captain of Darwin’s HMS Beagle used. Additionally, it conveniently has a succinct reading guide printed on the glass to help you with predicting the weather.

This saves you the time of finding the manual to figure out what the formation of crystals inside means. It is also mounted on a thick platform made of beechwood for ease of placement.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Quirky Yet Simplistic | Solid Base | Easy to Read


  • Small and compact
  • Secured onto the solid beech wood base
  • Spherical top for easy reading


  • Needs a while to acclimate to surroundings

6. Lily’s Home Analog Weather Station

Gadget User Rating 4.7

Lily’s Home never fails to serve robust and majestic designs. Anyone who gets this analog weather station would be delighted to adorn this upon a desk, a shelf, or bedside table. From afar, it may appear to look like a fancy hourglass. Don’t be fooled — it’s a well-equipped weather predicting device that includes a storm glass, a Galilean thermometer, a hygrometer and even a clock.

The storm glass has a reading guide printed on its surface for convenience too! The buoyant bulbs in the thermometer have gold-plated temperature tags for that elegant look. This device is also able to predict the weather one to two days in advance.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

High quality | Multi-Functional | Vintage Style


  • Fitted with a clock, hygrometer and Galileo thermometer
  • Bordered by a stunning cherry-mahogany wooden frame
  • Stylish piece
  • Easy to read


  • May seem too complicated or too overwhelming

Buying Guide

In case none of our picks have piqued your interest, we’ve crafted a simple buying guide to help you streamline your search for the perfect weather-predicting gizmo.

Quality of Materials Used

Whether its purpose is to serve as a gift or an ornamental piece in your house, the quality of materials used are very important. Pricier storm glasses tend to be made of more durable and thicker glass, which helps prevent freak accidents and keeps the external air pressure from seeping inside the structure. More affordable storm glasses may imply a thinner layer of glass, which can be risky especially if you need to reset it with a blow dryer when you get it. However, price doesn’t always determine quality — the Kikkerland ST71 Storm Glass is one of our more affordable picks and it comes mounted on a thick square of beechwood, providing it stability.


There are different styles of storm glasses you may run into — the classic teardrop shape or the slender cylinder shape. If you’ve got kids or pets who like to knock things off the table, we recommend getting the cylindrically-shaped one because it’s usually fixed onto a stable base. The classic teardrop shape is undoubtedly a statement piece, but may require you to run to the store to purchase adhesive to secure it on a stable base or flat surface to prevent it from toppling. For example, the AcuRite 00795A2 Galileo Thermometer and Glass Globe Barometer actually come with its own wooden base. From the customer reviews we’ve read, these stunning apparatuses aren’t actually secured onto the base, which makes it extra fragile.

Extra Weather-Predicting Accessories

If you’re searching for something a little more extra, you may run into many listings that offer more than just a storm glass. Take Lily’s Home Analog Weather Station as an example: it’s a storm glass, Galileo thermometer, clock and hygrometer — it’s basically a mini antique weather station. Besides making a statement, having these extra features can elevate your own weather-predicting experiences! If you’re curious about how people forecasted the weather in the past, having more instruments won’t hurt.

How Do I Understand a Storm Glass?

Generally, the formation and malleability of the crystals inside the storm glass are indicators of the day’s weather. Just to reiterate our previous point, a storm glass is in no way an instrument to fully rely on for weather forecasts, but here is a table to show you how people used to read them in the past. Take note that this is a general guide for most devices as usually individual products come with their own guide.

Storm Glass Predicted Weather Condition
ClearSunny day
CloudyRain approaching
Cloudy with tiny spots or star-like particlesThunderstorms / Monsoons
Strands near topWindy day
Floating tiny spotsFog approaching
Formation of crystals at the bottomExtra snowy day with possibility of frost
Tiny particles rising from the bottom to accumulate at the topFickle weather, usually symbolises strong winds approaching
Large particles floating in placeCloudy and humid day / (winter season) snowy day
(Winter season) small particles or star-like spots floating in placeA sunny day that will soon be snowy in about one or two days


Hopefully, this article has cleared up what storm glasses are and that it has left a lasting impression. It’s important to know that this is more than just desk decor, and that it actually is an instrument for weather prediction. For anyone who’s curious and interested in the weather, this can be an awesome gift!


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