Smart backpacks are all the rage now. Upgrading from a generic old-style backpack to a more efficient and sustainable bag is the way to go. With everyone always running low on power on our smartphones and carrying around cords searching for an outlet, there are now backpacks that have that for you, making charging your devices convenient to help keep you on the go. 

These high tech backpacks are becoming increasingly popular with their functionality while also being sleek, minimalistic, and stylish. Safe for laptops with specific compartments, built-in with anti-theft locks and zippers, you can rest assured on transport or during your work days that your devices are locked away, safe, and charged with any of these backpacks.

Top 12 Best Smart Backpacks

1. Our Pick: Matien Travel Laptop Backpack

Matein Travel Laptop Backpack

Why People love it: Lightweight and safe for all occasions

• Sleek design
• Many compartments for easy organization

• Some found zipper issues
• Limited padding on the base


When searching for a bag that works for many occasions, the Matien Backpack can double as a laptop backpack or useful for either travel or school. With a separated padded laptop compartment, a large main compartment fitted with organizational pockets, and a front organizer compartment makes the Matien Backpack ideal for travelers, workers, and students. 

Equipped with an external USB charging port, anti-theft zipper back pockets perfect for passports and luggage straps, and suitcase sleeves, the bag is ideal for travelling smart. If you are searching for a smart backpack that is practical and organized the Matien Backpack is perfect.

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2. Premium Pick: Nomatic Smart Backpack

4Nomatic 20L Smart Backpack

Why People love it: Well organized | Minimalistic design and versatile for all

• 20 pockets (ranging from fleece-lined to plastic mesh and security pockets)
• Waterproof
• Cord holes for easy pass-through

• Extremely heavy
• Not a slim design which may cause discomfort 


Many people tend to find that when organising their bags, there are additional purchases of smaller storage bags to keep things seperate, but if you want a bag that does this for you look no further than the Nomatic Smart Backpack. With interchangeable panels to customize to your every need. The Nomatic Backpack can also expand from holding 20L to 24L to fit anything and everything required for your day or trip. 

In organizing your cords from being tangled and caught, there are cord holes through the bag for easy pass-through to charge your devices on the go, which makes this bag incredibly efficient. Coming with a roller bag sleeve, sunglasses hard shell, and magnetic water bottle holders, The Nomatic Smart Backpack can be customized for any need, making it a fabulous option for those searching for a smart backpack.

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3. Best Value: Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack

KOPACK Slim Laptop Backpacks

Why People love it: Comfortable and organized for long term use

• Anti-theft hidden laptop compartment 
• 17 pockets for organization
• Water-resistant

• Zippers can easily catch
• Tight water bottle holder


Searching for durable material when looking for long-lasting backpacks can be difficult. The Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack is made out of a durable tear-resistant Oxford material that promotes long-lasting use. Fitted with anti-theft hidden compartments to keep your laptop safe underneath the straps of the backpack. If you have an external lock, the zippers can be locked with it for added protection. As a smart backpack, it comes with a detachable USB cable for your laptop, phone, or tablet to charge them on the go. 

The Kopack backpack is designed with different kinds of organized compartments; the backpack can be customized to your every need. For longevity, the bag has padded shoulder straps for comfort with longtime wear and protects your back when worn. When looking for a bag that can be used for a long time, the Kopack Slim Laptop Backpack is a front runner.

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4. XD Design Solar Powered Backpack

XD Design Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpack

Why People love it: Environmentally friendly and slim design good for all

• Charged by solar energy 
• Water repellant
• Phone holder and bottle strap included

• Expensive
• USB port difficulties
• Tricky to operate in less sunny climates


Some people have found that trying to be sustainable and environmentally friendly can be proven difficult with different aspects of our lives. Constantly needing to charge smart devices on the go can be tricky and XD Design has made a backpack fitted with a solar panel to charge the power bank on the inside of the backpack. With adjustable dividers, you can organize it internally to suit your every need. 

With patented locks on the shoulder straps, you can have easy access to your phone or water bottle if you would like, especially while your phone’s charging. The XD Design solar-powered backpack is perfect if you are searching for a sustainable and environmentally friendly smart backpack.

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5. Korin Smart Storage Laptop Backpack

KORIN ClickPack X Minimalist Smart BackPack

Why People love it: Minimalistic design with secure protection for your devices

• Hidden TSA locks
• Triple anti-theft protection 
• Internal charging system with multi-purpose compartments

• Small pockets 
• Misleading information about mid-bag trolley strap


If you search for a smart backpack that is TSA protected approved, the Korin Smart Storage Laptop Backpack is a great option. For a lot of us who love to travel, especially those who need to for work, the ability to have a smart backpack to charge devices while also keeping your valuables safe. 

The fabric used is also a level 5 cut-resistant fabric that only further protects your devices and valuables while maintaining a sleek, minimalistic design. With many compartments to keep your cords and devices organized along with hidden pockets, the Korin Smart Storage Laptop Backpack is both functional and stylish.

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6. Kroser Tech Laptop Backpack

KROSER Large Computer Smart Backpack

Why People love it: Lots of storage and convenient for changing conditions

• Large and spacious compartments
• Clean and chic design 
• Luggage straps

• Can’t hold large weighted items 
• Minimal padding on the base of the bag


When you think about high tech backpacks you tend to have an image in your head about a big bulky style, which is far from stylish. For a sleek backpack looking smart backpack, the Kroser Tech Laptop Backpack is comfortable, convenient, and customizable to fit your needs. Made from environmentally-friendly water-repellent durable fabric, you can rest assured knowing your devices are protected from the weather. 

To be able to move around with the Kroser bag, there is a luggage strap to make traveling with the Kroser bag smooth and seamless. With extra padding to keep your laptop safe, and built-in USB ports to charge your devices on the go, the Kroser backpack has been designed specifically to keep your tech gear safe.

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7: Sosoon Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack 

Sosoon Laptop Smart Backpack

Why People love it: Perfectly suited for constant travel

• TSA friendly 
• Designed for airplane travel 
• Hidden pocket on the strap for quick access to cards

• No bottom padding 
• Could be more spacious


If you are an extremely organised person who lives for efficiency in everything and find that generic backpacks have too many larger sections for your belongs to get messed up, the Sosoon Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack is a great solution to a lot of problems. Finding your cards quickly or constantly needing to remove your backpack through security can be difficult, but the Sosoon has a hidden pocket on the straps for easy card access as well as being made for airline travel. 

As well as made entirely for airplane travel, the anti-theft design locking compartments together gives you a sense of safety when walking around with your bag. With hidden compartments, additional insert pockets, storage, and security that your items are safe, the Sosoon backpack is perfect for travelers who need things to be quick, easy, and efficient.

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8.Herschel Laptop Backpack

Herschel Little America Laptop Backpack

Why People love it: Reputable brand made for everyone

• Durable design made for everyone
• Specified compartments for media items such as phones and headphones

• Not a high tech backpack
• Troubles found with magnetic closures


If you are looking for a robust everyday bag that is roomy and not necessarily fitted with USB ports, then the Herschel Laptop Backpack is fabulous. The Herschel bag is easy to organize with multiple compartments, hidden zippers offering anti-theft protection when you are out and about. 

There is also a tech safe sleeve which is padded for protection and lined with fleece to prevent water from damaging your valuables. With a 17L capacity, you can fit your tech gear, textbooks, and anything else you could require with school, work, or travel, as it is also perfect to be used as a carry on for airplane travel.

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9. Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack

Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack

Why People love it: Made for everyday use for either work, school, travel or all three

• Separated laptop compartment 
• USB/headset port design 
• Anti-theft design 

• Little additional protection in the laptop section 
• Considerably smaller than others on the market


Sometimes, when you are looking for a backpack, you want something simple and has a design element. With many color options other than black and grey like many others on the market, the Tzowla Business Laptop Backpack is suited to your needs while also having style. Like many others, the Tzowla backpack has lots of storage and pockets to keep your things organized and safe. 

The backpack is fitted with a USB and headset port on the backpack for easy access connected to your power bank on the inside of your bag, giving the Tzowla bag a high tech design. Comfortable for long and multiple uses, the Tzowla laptop backpack is suitable for many. 

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10.Swissdigital Circuit Laptop Backpack 

SwissDigital Smart Business Backpack

Why People love it: High tech protective design for all your gadgets and valuables

• TSA approved 
• RFID protection pocket 
• Large and organized storage 

• Heavy even when empty 
• Plastic on the handle has been found to break 


If you like having the guarantee and certainty that your tech is safe, the Swissdigital laptop backpack is a fantastic option. With many compartments to be able to organize your items, hidden pockets for extra protection, and deep zipper pockets for easy access, the Swissdigital bag can be used for anything it’s needed for. 

It is the ideal carry-on bag as it is TSA approved and unzips 90-180 degrees for easy pass through security, as well as an RFID protection pocket to prevent your personal information from being stolen. For charging on the go, the bag is also fitted with USB ports to charge your phone, iPad, or other devices, making this bag a perfect option for those traveling or needing to keep themselves organized with work or school.

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11. Lifepack Solar-powered Backpack

Lifepack Solar Powered and Anti-Theft Backpack

Why People love it: Energy-efficient and protective of your devices 

• Solar bank and USB port design 
• Dual zipper compartments 
• Integrated rain cover

• Heavy battery bank 
• Takes longer to charge devices


Constantly traveling around can make keeping things charged difficult, including charging our own power banks. With the Lifepack solar-powered backpack, solar energy will help keep your phone or other smart devices charged on the go. The Solarbank can hold power for up to 6 full charges of your iPhone. With anti-theft features such as a cable lock that is retractable for a sleek finish as well as secret pockets for your passport or cards to stay secure. 

The Lifepack bag also has two large compartments, so if you need to keep your work life and your fun life-like exercise or other personal items separate, there is plenty of room to do so. This comfortable backpack can work well for everyday life, if you found yourself needing to live your life out of a single backpack, this is one that can be good for you.

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12. Soldierknife Durable Laptop Backpack

SOLDIERKNIFE Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port

Why People love it:  Functional for everyday needs

• Lots of storage 
• Luggage straps for travel
• USB port design

• Difficult flow of power 
• Some customers have found it smells when it arrives


In searching for a functional bag, you want to make sure it suits your every need. If you are constantly on the go with your devices, having a high tech backpack like the Soldierknife laptop backpack is suitable as it is fitted with a USB port design. There are internal shockproof belts to keep your laptop safe, anti-theft pockets at the lower back to keep your most personal belongings and valuables safe and right against you. 

There are luggage straps on the back for even further functionality to slide them back over the top of your luggage for easier carrying. With comfortable shoulder straps and sponge mesh back, the Soldierknife laptop backpack is a great option for those who like a high-tech backpack that also is suitable for everyday use.

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High tech backpacks are constantly blowing up the market as the advancements in technology only continue to grow. As far as charging backpacks go, there are many things to keep an eye out for when deciding which one is the best for you and suited to your needs. Breathable fabric to prevent overheating, padded shoulder straps for comfort and customizability are crucial to stay organized and keep your devices and cords safe. There are a few other things to look for when buying a new smart tech backpack for your day to day activities. 


We are constantly keeping our laptop and smart devices close at hand, a good thing to look for when buying a new high tech backpack is the anti-theft technology and locks. Some are TSA friendly, like the Sosoon Backpack and the Swiss Digital Backpack; others have anti-theft locks and cut-resistant fabric to keep your devices safe. 

Water resistance 

When looking for a smart backpack, the number of cords and devices that people tend to keep inside must be protected from the weather. It is crucial to look for water-resistant fabric like the Tzowla Backpack, especially if you are traveling with your devices as they cannot be water damaged. 


Many of these backpacks come with many compartments and customizable dividers and pockets to keep your devices safe. Some bags like the Nomatic Backpack have pass-through cord holes to keep your cords safe and other bags like the Herschel bag have multiple compartments to keep your items safe.


What is a smart backpack?

A smart backpack is fitted with USB port designs to connect a power bank and chargers for your devices. They are ideal and efficient for traveling workers or students who need to keep devices such as their mobile phones on charge for long travels and constant calling. Alongside the typical uses for backpacks, high tech backpacks are fitted with USB ports, and some are even equipped with solar panels to help charge your devices.

What are the main requirements for a good smart/high tech backpack?

When purchasing a smart backpack, you ideally want to find one with comfort. The right size for your body is essential, some larger designs aren’t smart for individuals with a smaller height. It is also important to have comfortable shoulder straps, with many like the Lifepack Solar-Powered Backpack, the Kopack Slim Backpack and Herschel Smart Backpack all have padded shoulder straps for maximum comfort when wearing.

What is better to power my smart backpack? Solar or Powerbank?

For sustainability and environmentally friendly designs, the solar-powered smart backpacks are your better option. They draw in power from the sun that will ultimately charge your device. However, some customers have run the risk of it not charging devices properly, taking a long time to charge, or if the sun isn’t bright enough, they are finding the solar bank isn’t charging. If you want quick efficiency and already own power banks, smart backpacks compatible with them may be the best option for you.


Many factors go into selecting and purchasing the perfect smart backpack for myself. I personally search for one that fits my style and comfort levels. With a higher budget, springing for a premium smart backpack like the Nomatic backpack or the XD backpack as they are both ideal if I would like extreme customization in my backpack. A more budget-friendly option I would personally go for would be with the Kopack backpack or the Soldier Knife backpack, as both are fitted with great storage space as well as USB ports to charge my devices on the go, as I am someone who is constantly glued to my phone between meetings or on public transport.