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Bluetooth Trackers

9 Intelligent Bluetooth Trackers & Key Finders in 2021 – Convenient Key Finding

Whether it’s a scramble to find your keys as you head to the door or the realisation you’ve forgotten them mid-way through your commute – the terror of misplacing your keys or belongings is something we’ve all experienced. The good news nowadays is that there’s a simple and easy solution to this dilemma, that’s right Bluetooth trackers!

Well, what is a Bluetooth tracker? Using the power of Bluetooth technology, these intelligent key finders allow you to keep track of any item that’s lost and is nearby. As a tiny device that attaches to your belongings, you can use Bluetooth key finders with a range of items from key and wallets to backpacks and luggage, which makes them perfect for travel! To help you keep track of your most important items, I’ve compiled a list of 9my favorite Bluetooth trackers and tracking devices.

The Best Wireless Bluetooth Trackers

1. Our Pick: Apple’s AirTag tracker

Gadget User Rating 5

Apple has entered the niche bluetooth tracking and key finder space with an expectedly well-designed yet impressively performing entry with the ‘AirTag’. Bringing the polish and attention-to-detail of Apple’s powerhouse, the AirTag sports stand-out accuracy, and responsiveness, which Apple pairs with their signature minimalist aesthetics.

At first glance, the AirTag is a well-fitting visual companion to Apple’s catalog of premium devices. The circular tracking device has a clean glossy finish which is customizable with a personal engraving and shaded backing. With a button-shaped frame no more than a couple inches wide, this Bluetooth tracker is made to be mini. Closely designed around the CR2032 batteries that power them, the AirTag can fit inside or alongside almost any bag, purse, or wallet.

Ergonomically the AirTag is a little disappointing, as while the key finder can attach to most devices and personal items, I found this usually required additional accessories that at the time of review cost close to the price of the original tracker. Moreover, the AirTag’s meek size and construction can make the tracker vulnerable to superficial damage like scratches.

Without charging capabilities, Apple has designed the AirTag to run on replaceable batteries. Like other premium Bluetooth trackers, the AirTag takes advantage of CR2032 battery technology, which provides up to one year of battery life before requiring a replacement. A notification does alert you to any needed replacement, which can be easily performed by pressing and twisting the back panel of the AirTag.

The Airtag is quite feature-rich and provides a great level of accessibility to Apple users. Setting up the tracker was as simple as a one-tap gesture following unboxing, and each tag can personalized with name and description. Managed under the Find My app introduced in iOS 14.3, each AirTag is shown in the map view of the software. Using U1 chip technology, the AirTag provides precise locating indoors as well as outdoors, with in-built speakers that can ring a button press or upon Siri command. This precision finding is reinforced by the Find My network which uses the millions of Apple devices in the area to provide reporting to find your AirTag when it is located by someone else’s devices.

The strength of the AirTag’s location ecosystem has been raised as a potential security concern by some users. However, Apple guarantees each AirTag is linked directly to a specific Apple ID, ensuring location data is encrypted with use. While location data and history are not stored on the device itself, with each AirTag containing frequently rotating Bluetooth IDs to protect your privacy.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Refined and unassuming design | Relatively affordable | Ease of use and exceptional functionality with Apple devices


  • Precise location and super-fast responsiveness
  • Easy-to-use and set up with Apple devices
  • Affordable Apple proprietary device
  • Strong selection of software features with ‘Find My App’


  • Useful accessories are quite expensive and not included in base product
  • Prone to scratching and superficial damage
  • Tracking effectiveness raises some privacy concerns

2. Premium Pick: Safedome Recharge Card + Wireless Charger

Gadget User Rating 4.8

With its ergonomic and sleek credit-card-like design, the Safedome Recharge Card is a visually impressive and exceedingly functional Bluetooth Tracker.

Standing from other wireless trackers on the market the Safedome Recharge card is impressively thin at 1.66mm, fitting snugly into your wallet, bag, or phone without attracting any unnecessary attention.

In one of our recent videos on The Best Bluetooth Tracker for finding your lost items—with the sleek Safedome wallet Tracker, we share our opinion on:

How the card fits your wallet like the size of a credit card. 

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Impressive battery life | Attractive design | Water resistant

3. Best Value: H+LUX Key Finder Smart Tracker

Gadget User Rating 5

Combining contemporary style and a lightweight build, the H+Lux delivers a premium and compact Bluetooth tracker, albeit with limited durability. Immediately striking with the signature ‘Nutale’ logo and wavy artwork embedded in the key finders has a square-like frame, the H+Lux remains easily identifiable while using it like a keychain or tag on your luggage, purse, or backpack.

The key finder uses two-way communication with your devices which means you can use its smartphone app to find your items or vice-versa use the tracker to locate your phone. I found the Bluetooth trackers signal is fairly reliable, and the manufacturer provides a pretty realistic estimation of the H+Lux’s signal distance. In my experience, the tracker stayed in connection to around 50-60 feet indoors and up to 150 feet outdoors.

The tracker app helpfully has an integrated notifier that sounds an alert when. In those situations, you can see the last connection time that can assist in locating the item. Volume-wise the wireless tracker leaves a little to be desired, the alarm sound could be louder as it may seem quiet in cases when it is under the covers or buried in clothes Complementing the H+Lux’s range of location features is ultra-long battery life and wide device compatibility. With the manufacturers claiming up to a year’s worth of use on one charge with an easily replaceable CR2032 battery cell, this smart tracker shows some serious longevity. Helpfully the device works with all Apple IOS (8.0 or above) and Android (4.3 or above) devices with Bluetooth 4.0 accommodating most current smartphones.

The H+Lux primary construction is made up of a polycarbonate and aluminium alloy which I thought brought mixed results to the final product. The intentional choice to utilise lightweight materials to reduce heft did detract somewhat from its premium delivery as the Bluetooth tracker was more vulnerable to physical damage. However, as a complete package, the H+Lux provides a great deal for the price of entry, combining the features of a robust Bluetooth key finder with some contemporary art visual design.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Excellent versatility | Attractive design | Looks great as a keychain


  • A lightweight tracker
  • Reliable out of range notifier
  • Long battery life
  • Use the phone to find the tracker and vice versa


  • The volume could be stronger
  • Somewhat limited durability

4. Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery

Gadget User Rating 5

Tile is among the most popular wireless tracker brands on the market at the moment for a reason, and their flagship Pro version is certainly no slouch. That’s because, with an impressively high 300ft range of detection, wide compatibility, and affordable price, the Tile Pro is the “jack of all trades” Bluetooth tracker.

While if you accidentally get out of range the trackers themselves won’t notify you, the Tile Pro’s community support features allow other Tile users to ring your item and send location updates. The app also shows where was the last known place of the item, you stay on top of your devices throughout the day

The Tile Pro was notably the loudest tracker when I compared it to the other trackers from the same series. Additionally, Its fairly compact squared design worked great as a keychain. The battery life is admirable, and you can replace the battery to prolong the longevity of the product.

Alternatively, the tracker can be used to find your lost phone. Pressing the button in the center of the Tile Pro and your phone will ring. There were occasional problems with the sensitivity of the tracking button, which may activate the tracking feature during some inconvenient moments. Though on a whole the Tile Pro hit all the points I needed from a Bluetooth tracker and is the best value pick I’ve seen so far.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

A loud tracker | Long range | Compact size


  • It can locate items at a 300-feet distance
  • Call your phone to locate it
  • Replaceable battery for added durability
  • Ask the community for help to find your tracker


  • The button is too sensitive
  • Doesn’t notify you if the item goes out of range

5. ECHEERS Key Finder, Bluetooth Tracker Locator

Gadget User Rating 4.8

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room first — in this case, the ECHEERS wireless tracker itself is the elephant.  While it may be too bulky for some, the ECHEERS sturdy padlock appearance is designed with intention, tracking your items with an appreciated level of customisation and sturdy frame, with a great price to match.

The best thing I experienced during my time with the ECHEERS’ Bluetooth key finder was probably their highly customizable app. Being able to select the alert range for the notifier, as well as pick a favorite ringtone to use when locating the item was a feature to admire. I was also able to see the previous item location, and ask other app owners to help in searching for the device. Handily, the ECHEERS app also provides two-way notifications for your devices and the tracker, so you’ll know if your items have left your chosen range.

Physically the Bluetooth tracker is fairly durable, with its bulky distinct padlock design easily identifiable and quite a bit harder to lose. It is vital to note however the battery life could definitely be better when compared to other wireless key finders in the market, though a replaceable battery does make this a lot more palatable. As an entry-level option, the ECHEERS delivers a lot of features at a respectable price, which is a great bang for your buck.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Choose a ringtone | Use it as a selfie switch | Multiple colors available


  • A highly customizable app
  • Fairly durable
  • Out of range notifier
  • The community can help you to locate the item


  • The design might seem too bulky
  • Doesn’t notify you if the item goes out of range

6. ES Smart Bluetooth Tracker by Mynt

Gadget User Rating 4.7

MYNT has managed to create a wireless tracker that is simple yet incredibly stylish with ES Smart Bluetooth Tracker.  Between the choice of black or white variants, with an understated logo at the bottom, for a smaller tracker, the ES Smart Bluetooth tracker oozes elegance. But don’t let the size fool you, this wireless key finder’s durability is more than adequate.

The wireless tracker works similarly to most other trackers – keeping your items connected while in range, and sending you notifications when the connectivity is lost. Although mapping was quite accurate in my experience, MYNT’s Bluetooth tracker falls short slightly in regard to connectivity and range.

Thanks to the MYNT’s free app had a wealth of customizable options that really set the ES Bluetooth Tracker apart in my eyes. Beyond item alerts, the device’s tracker can be used to control smart lights, as a camera shutter, or even as a presentation clicker. The app also has the standard organizational features of Bluetooth Tracker allowing you to organize and track multiple objects if you decide to purchase more than a single tracker and also community support to help to find items lost in public places. MYNT also importantly includes a last seen feature, delivering hints to your item’s last location if they’re lost beyond the Bluetooth trackers signal range.

The ES Smart Bluetooth Tracker flaunts a commendable battery life, with MYNT claiming up to one year of use with an easy to replace battery unit. However, the MYNT app unfortunately has put a considerable drain on most connected devices requiring constant Bluetooth use.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Simplistic design | The app tracks multiple items Easy battery change


  • Loss prevention feature
  • Mapping is quite accurate
  • Customizable app
  • A fairly durable product


  • The app drains the phone’s battery
  • Connectivity could be improved

7. MADETEC Smart Key Finder Anti-Lost Bluetooth WiFi Tracker

Gadget User Rating 4.6

Admittedly Madetec’s tracker visually delivers in a big way, with an intriguing contemporary design. It is a shame though that there is no dark color combination.  Most importantly, however, Madetec’s Bluetooth tracker is among the smallest key finders out there, making it one of the stealthiest options I’ve seen so far.

Madetec’s key finder works well with a number of items like purses, keychains, and wallets. The wireless tracker comes with a keychain, which was surprisingly durable, but you shouldn’t expect wonders from it. The app is fairly practical and customizable which was pleasant to use, but unfortunately, it did spend a significant portion of my phone’s battery life when in use, which is expected from these devices but still could be improved.

Madetec has built a product that is quite reliable in its main purpose, a tracker, and seems to exceed some expectations in terms of performance. Primarily, the smart key finder projects a noticeable loud ringtone, with sound reaching up to 90 dB enabling you to find the tracker even when it is noisy.

Madetec has additionally included a loss prevention feature and a bidirectional reminder. You can use the unit to find your phone, too, as well as rely on the lost and found community to locate your items.

What really made Madetec’s smart key finder stand out however is their investment in standby time and compatibility. With a battery life that can last up to ten months without the need for replacing and a connection area of around 10-20 meters indoors and 30-50 meters outdoors, the wireless tracker provides flexibility in its support for life’s mishaps. Madetec has also made the tracker compatible with most on the market smart devices, supporting Android 4.0 or IOS 8.0 software and above.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Compact size | Very loud | A simple to use app


  • Among the smallest trackers on the market
  • Produces sound up to 90dB
  • The keychain is surprisingly durable
  • Long standby time


  • No dark-colored design
  • The app uses plenty of your phone’s battery

8. Innway Card – Ultra Thin Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Finder

Gadget User Rating 4.5

The Innway card is another wireless tracker sporting a credit-card-like design. Its extra thin construction easily fits into any of its build is more sturdy and durable compared to other card-like trackers I’ve used, giving it optimal longevity without sacrificing thinness. The card features a rechargeable battery so you don’t have to replace the battery when it is flat, while battery life is impressive at half a year and only 2 hours for a full recharge.

The card’s range is up to 100 feet, and this was quite reliable when tested. When the card and phone are in the range of each other, pressing the button on the card easily finds your phone, or this can be used vice-versa. Once you go out of range, the separation alert will ring on both the card and the phone to alert you that you left either item behind.

A trade-off with the Innway Card’s form factor is the lack of space for a bigger speaker and empty space to generate sound. So unfortunately like most card trackers generally have a lower volume compared to their non-card counterparts. The good news is that the Innway Card is the loudest among the card-shaped trackers and you shouldn’t have a problem hearing it.

Although it is not directly related to tracking items, it is worth noting the Bluetooth Tracker can be used as a phone camera trigger for photos and videos An upcoming app update also includes smart features such as scheduling quiet hours and setting safe locations for situations where you want to disable the separation alert.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Rechargeable battery | Credit-card sized | Only need to charge twice a year


  • Ultra-thin design at 1.5 mm
  • The range goes up to 100 feet
  • Lasts for half a year without recharging
  • Loud alert sound for a card form factor


  • Sound is softer compared to non-card designs
  • No option to adjust card volume

9. Cube Tracker Key Finder

Gadget User Rating 4.8

The Cube Tracker managed to stand out from the list in one particular area – audio and visual detection. Using the wireless tracker to locate your phone activates not only a ringtone but also the flashlight and vibration. At many times this made my smartphone easier to find, and the great thing is that you do not even need to have the app running.

The Cube Tracker features a recognizable square-like design, and it is available in black. The button is conveniently located on the bottom part of the tracker. The device is relatively durable, and it comes with an extra battery that is easily replaceable.

Additional handy locating features are included as well like if you get out of range, the app will alert you, and you can ask other tracker owners to send location updates about your lost item. The app has some connectivity issues that will require patience at times, which are particularly noticeable when trying to locate your lost items

Interestingly, Cube has seemingly designed their tracker’s app without a native English speaker on board. Poor English made some instructions unclear at times, though the main performance of the product was largely undisturbed. Though Cube has made an effort to support users with an extra battery included with the tracker. As a whole, the tracker definitely has a number of benefits that outweigh certain connectivity issues.

Gadget Features Inspired For You

Form search parties to find items | The flashing and vibrating function | Extra battery included


  • It activates your phone’s ringtone, vibration, and light
  • A durable product with replaceable batteries
  • It notifies you when you get out of range
  • The item can be used as a camera switch


  • Connectivity issues
  • The English in the app is poor

How to Choose the Best Wireless Bluetooth Trackers

We have to be honest and say that you can find many unreliable trackers on the market. That is why we made the list of those that are trustworthy, but how to choose the best of the best? Here is a quick guide on the most important features to consider when purchasing a Bluetooth finder.

Range and Volume

The two crucial factors for wireless tracker are range and volume. For starters, pay attention to the specifics about the product’s range, and make sure it suits your needs.

Apart from that, you should make sure that the finder is loud enough. You may have to look for an item in a noisy environment, or you may lose keys under the covers. Either way, you should ensure that the product has the volume needed to locate it in all situations easily.

Is the App Reliable?

An excellent tracker is worth nothing without a reliable app. The majority of applications are suitable for both Android and iOS, but make sure they are trustworthy, too. Some of them may be prone to crashes, and others may have connectivity issues. Additionally, make sure they won’t drain your phone’s battery more than expected.

Other Features to Consider

Here are some other things to keep in mind when buying a wireless Bluetooth finder:

  • Design – you can go for a card-like design that perfectly fits into your wallet or a look that reminds of a keychain.
  • Battery life – it can significantly vary from one device to another. Fortunately, most batteries are easily replaceable.
  • Out of range alert – in case the connection is lost, the phone and the tracker will both notify you.
  • Find your phone – apart from using the smartphone app to find your items; this gives you the option to use the tracker to locate your phone.

Final Conclusion

You know now how to find the best wireless Bluetooth trackers out there. If you want a reliable device that will help you find your keys or wallet every time, we suggest ordering your favorite product from our list!


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